Formalities after completing your studies

When you complete your studies and exmatriculate, your membership at the University of Konstanz expires (§ 62 para. 1 sentence 1 Landeshochschulgesetz (state law on higher education) LHG).

Which kinds of exmatriculation are possible?

As a general rule, you will be exmatriculated upon request. In some cases, you will be exmatriculated through the act of law (§ 62 para. 1 sentence 2 LHG) by the end of the current semester.


You should convert the exmatriculation through the act of law into a requested exmatriculation retroactively. This is required for the issuing of certificates, for example when enrolling at another university or when submitting documents for the statutory pension insurance (§ 62 para. 5 LHG in combination with § 13 para. 4 sentence 2 and 3 Zulassungs- und Immatrikulationsordnung der Universität Konstanz (University of Konstanz admission and enrolment requirements – ZImmO). We urgently recommend making the conversion!

What reasons lead to an exmatriculation through the act of law?

Lawful reasons for an exmatriculation (§ 62 para. 2 and 3 LHG) exist when you

  • have completed your studies,
  • break off your studies without passing your examination,
  • can no longer re-sit a failed examination (loss of right to sit an examination),
  • intend to continue your studies at another university,
  • can no longer continue your studies because of failure to re-register, or
  • have not completed your studies by the 20th semester.

Furthermore, students who have not fulfilled their legal obligations towards the student health insurance within a deadline set by us will be exmatriculated. In certain cases, students will be exmatriculated if they have been subject to the regulatory measure of exmatriculation in accordance with § 62a para. 2 sentence 2 No. 4 LHG.

Where can I request an exmatriculation?

You submit the request for exmatriculation at the Student Service Centre (SSZ) (§ 13 para. 2 sentence 1 ZImmO).

We recommend that you send us both the application and all required supporting documents, if possible as a scanned PDF file(s), via our contact form, topic "Formalities during studies". Of course, you can also hand it in personally or send it by post.

Which documents are required for exmatriculation?

  1. The completely filled out and signed application for exmatriculation.
  2. A release form from the Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM).
  3. If you are studying at least one degree programme in the departments of Chemistry, Biology and/or Physics, you will also need at least one or more discharge certificates from the respective department. You can obtain these from the respective departmental office if you can provide the necessary signatures on the respective discharge certificate for degree programmes in the Departments of Chemistry [pdf], Biology [pdf] and/or Physics [pdf].

With discharge certificates you prove that you have handed in all used items (for example books or keys) and paid all outstanding fees (§ 13 para. 2 sentence 2 and 3 ZImmO).

If you intend to change universities, make sure that you wait to exmatriculate yourself from the University of Konstanz until after you have received the new admission letter!

If you are working as a student assistant please inform the relevant human resource division as soon as possible (§ 57 sentence 2 LHG).

When may you exmatriculate yourself at the earliest in connection with your final degree?

You have to be enrolled at least until and including the day you complete your last examination. This also applies to any necessary repeat examinations (§ 1 para. 2 ZImmO) and also if it relates to a previous semester.

When does your exmatriculation go into effect?

As a general rule, your exmatriculation will become effective at the end of the requested or declared semester. In special cases, it can also take place with immediate effect (§ 62 para. 4 LHG in conjunction with § 13 para. 3 ZImmO). A retroactive exmatriculation is not possible.

How long does a right to claim a refund exist if I am exmatriculated after the semester begins?

If you exmatriculate with immediate effect within a month after the beginning of the lecture period, then you can request a refund of all administrative, Seezeit student services and student body fees. The same applies for the tuition fees for international students and for second degree studies.

Legal bases:

  • § 4 para. 2 sentence 2 and 3 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on education fees - tuition fees for international students).
  • § 8 para. 6 sentence 2 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on education fees - tuition fees for second degree studies).
  • § 12 para. 3 sentence 1 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on education fees - administrative fees).
  • § 4 para. 1 Beitragsordnung Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee (Seezeit Bodensee student services schedule of fees - Seezeit student services fees).
  • § 4 sentence 2 Beitragsordnung der Verfassten Studierendenschaft an der Universität Konstanz (University of Konstanz student body schedule of fees - student body fees).

A reimbursement for the Winter Semester 2024/25 is only possible until 21 November 2024.

How do I exmatriculate myself from one subject or from one of several study programmes?

If you want to exmatriculate yourself from only one part of your current study programme, e.g. an additional subject in a teacher education programme or from a minor subject, it is enough to submit an informal request to us that includes all the necessary information (personal information, your student ID number, and which subject you intend to discontinue etc.). Please remember to sign the written request.

Please note: If you have the intention to discontinue your studies in either Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics, you must submit a release form from the relevant department along with your written request.

Why should I give my consent to further data processing at the latest within the requested exmatriculation?

Since 2022, the state legislator has stipulated that consent must be given for the storage of student data beyond the end of their membership at the University of Konstanz (exmatriculation). Without such consent, we are legally obliged to "immediately delete" student data as a rule after the end of membership, but at the latest after completion of the examination procedure (see § 12 para. 8 sentences 1 and 2 LHG). As a rule, this is the case from one month after the validity of an exmatriculation notice. This applies regardless of whether you have been exmatriculated ex officio or on the basis of your own application.

We would strongly recommend that you give us this consent by ticking the appropriate box in the application for exmatriculation.


  • Without the data, we would no longer be able to issue you with certificates of any kind in connection with your previous studies or the course of your studies with us (e.g. in the context of a change of university, in connection with a later re-enrolment in a Master's programme or taking up a doctorate).
  • Furthermore, we would no longer be able to issue you with replacement documents (e.g. examination certificates, transcript of records) if these were to be lost, e.g. during a move, or destroyed due to force majeure.
  • Finally, at the end of your working life at the latest, you would run the risk of no longer being able to provide the certificates required for submission to the statutory pension insurance in connection with the then pending clarification of periods of study, which can lead to considerable financial losses.

Special regulations for law students (1st state examination) and doctoral/PhD-students

If you study Law and you are interested in re-registering after passing your first state examination in law in order to improve your grade, then please submit a request in writing to the Student Service Centre (§ 62 para. 2 no. 1 LHG).

If you are an accepted doctoral student and you want to end the associated matriculation prematurely and without completing your dissertation at your own request, you must exmatriculate yourself upon application and at the same time have to revoke your acceptance as a doctoral student via the responsible department at the Central Examination Office.

What should you do with your UniCard in case of your exmatriculation?

Before you hand in your UniCard at the SSZ (as described below), please make sure that you get your Seezeit credit reimbursed at one of the cafeteria cashiers on level K6. Your Canon printing credit will be reimbursed at the Canon printing service on level A5 (near main entrance). 

Students who apply to exmatriculate themselves must turn in their UniCard along with the exmatriculation request to a staff member at the SSZ.

If you are exmatriculating while the term is still in session, you may keep your UniCard until the end of the semester. It must be returned to the SSZ once the semester has ended. If you are exmatriculating with immediate effect while the term is still in session, your UniCard will be retained by the SSZ or re-issued with a new expiration date.

Students who are being exmatriculated by act of law and have received notification of exmatriculation must return their UniCard to the SSZ as soon as exmatriculation comes into effect (either in person or by posting it to the address provided on the exmatriculation notification).

What do I do with the certificates I receive upon exmatriculation?

After you have applied for exmatriculation (or after converting your exmatriculation into a requested one, as described in the blue box on the top of this page), we usually issue two documents in addition to the notification of exmatriculation.
1. The certificate of exmatriculation for submission to other universities
2. The certificate of enrolment history for submission to the statutory pension insurance.

If required, you can also submit the certificate of exmatriculation to the statutory health insurance, the BAföG office, the Agentur für Arbeit (federal job agency), and also within the university, e.g. to Human Resources in case of employment as a student assistant/temporary employment.

You can usually only submit the certificate of enrolment history if you are already registered with the statutory pension insurance and have a corresponding pension insurance number. This will be the case if you have worked before. You can easily submit the certificate via the online services of the statutory pension insurance.

Who can support you in starting your career?

You can also use the services of the Career Service after you have left the university. Whether you need help with orientation, job search or the application process – the Career Service supports you with both brief questions and detailed concerns on all topics related to career entry, applications and careers. Participation in Career Service events and advisory services is open to you until two years after you have completed your studies.

Why am I being invited to the exmatriculation survey?

A few days after your exmatriculation, you will find an invitation to the exmatriculation survey in your mailbox. The online survey is aimed at graduates, those who have changed universities as well as those who have dropped out. The aim of the survey is to gain insights into reasons for dropping out and transfer behaviour. The department and university management can also obtain final feedback from students on the study conditions at the University of Konstanz by means of the Exmatrikuliertenbefragung. If you have successfully completed your studies, you will receive an invitation to the graduate survey approximately one and a half years after your exmatriculation. In contrast to the exmatriculation survey, the graduate survey focuses on the further transitions of your alumni, e.g. into a Master's or doctoral programme or into employment. Both the exmatriculant and graduate surveys are central instruments of the University of Konstanz's quality management system. They are based on the requirements of the State Higher Education Act (§ 5 LHG). Further information and results, e.g. on the graduate survey, can be found on the homepage of the Quality Management Office.