An advisor of the Career Service team is advising a student.

Advice and support for job search and career planning

You can make use of our consulting services for all questions regarding career orientation, internships, career entry and applications.

Our consulting services are free of charge and open to all University of Konstanz students, doctoral researchers and graduates (until two years after graduating). Our advisors have all completed a certified advisor training programme and possess many years of experience in job-search and career advising. We can consult with you in German or English.

The contents of your individual consultation remain confidential; you and the issue discussed will stay anonymous. Our consultations are open, unbiased and resource-based. This means you are completely free to make all the decisions yourself. We assist you with assessing problems for yourself and making your own decisions.

Our consulting services

Drop-in consultation

During lecture period, we offer a weekly drop-in consultation, both in German and in English. In drop-in consultation, we are happy to answer general questions and concerns, e.g. application documents check. Please note that the time is limited to 15 minutes per slot. For extensive individual consultation, please write us an email.

Tuesday, 15:30 - 17:00 in room D 412a (in English)
Wednesday, 10:30 - 12:00 in room D 413 or D 414 (in German)
Please sign up on the list in front of room D 413/D 414.

Individual consultation

We will be happy to take the necessary time for a longer individual consultation. An individual consultation usually lasts about 60 minutes.

Please write an email to to make an appointment for a longer consultation. We usually can schedule an appointment for a date within the next two weeks. You are welcome to send us your materials in advance via email.

Application documents check

Is my resume neatly arranged? Are my strengths well highlighted? Does the cover letter make it clear why I am an asset to the company? We are happy to counter-check your job application documents with a trained eye and give you feedback.

You can come by in our weekly drop-in consultation, schedule an individual appointment or simply send us your documents via email to and ask for a short feedback.

LinkedIn profile check

A LinkedIn profile is a digital business card and CV in one. Are you wondering if and how you can improve your LinkedIn presence? We are happy to take a look at your profile and give you a professional evaluation.

You are welcome to come by in our weekly drop-in consultation, schedule an individual appointment or send us the link to your LinkedIn profile via email to and ask for feedback.

Mock interviews

To prepare you for your application phase or for a concrete job interview, we offer the opportunity to practise a fictitious job interview with us. Based on a job advertisement selected by you and your application documents, we act as fictitious HR managers and prepare typical questions that you could be asked in a similar way in a real job interview.

To arrange an appointment, please send us an email to Please also include the job advertisement and your CV with your request so we can prepare for the interview.

Digital consultation

We are happy to advise you via email, telephone or video chat (via Zoom). Please write us an email to to schedule an appointment.

Career consultation in English

During lecture period, we usually offer a weekly drop-in consultation for short questions and CV check (max. 15 minutes). For extensive individual consultation, you should arrange an individual appointment.

Drop-in consultation/CV check (15 minutes)
Tuesday, 14:00 - 15:20 in room D 412a
Please sign up on the list in front of room D 413/D 414.

Extensive consultation (60 minutes)
Please arrange an individual appointment by writing an email to

By participating in a digital consultation, you agree to the data protection regulations for Zoom.