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Job Shadowing

give insights - meet talents

How to proceed

Here’s how you can take part:

  • Start off by filling out the registration form which includes brief information about your company and the field of work/responsibilities you would like to show participating students/doctoral researchers.
  • We will then publish a short profile of this information on the Career Service website excluding the contact information of the job shadowing partner.
  • Interested students will then apply for a job shadowing opportunity in your company/field of work using an online form with details on their curriculum vitae (resume).
  • We will then forward the application(s) to you.
  • With your approval, we will then forward the contact information of the job shadowing partner to the interested student/doctoral researcher. He or she will then contact you to plan the next steps.

Here’s how job shadowing works:

  • You and the participating student/doctoral researcher clarify all the relevant details.
  •  The job shadowing day can include the following parts:

    • Welcome, introduction, formalities
    • Tour of the company
    • Job shadowing during everyday work
    • A short discussion of the day

After the job shadowing day:

  •  Please send us a short email with your feedback afterwards.

What do you need to do?

  • Fill out the application form.
  • You will not really need to prepare much for the job shadowing day, as the goal is for your visitor to experience realistic everyday work at your company.
  • Show your job shadow what a normal workday at your company is like.
  • Job shadows should not take on any responsibilities themselves or play an active role in the work day, but rather simply observe how you work.

What do you gain?

  • You get to know students and learn from their perspectives.
  • You can present your company at the university.
  • You can meet prospective future employees.
  • You receive direct feedback about your company and your work.
  • You can pass on your experiences and give orientation.

Tips for a successful shadowing day

  • Clarify details, expectations, the sequence of events and working hours in advance. The student or doctoral researcher visiting you should know what to expect.
  • Clarify organisational requirements and company regulations.
  • Your job shadow should experience a normal workday at your company. If at all possible, please avoid scheduling meetings or confidential appointments that your job shadow cannot attend.
  • When you introduce yourselves, take the opportunity to clarify any questions, share your personal career path and ask the participating student/doctoral researcher about his/her expectations and motivation. At the end of the day, you can reflect on the day’s experiences together.
  • Show your job shadow the company and your division.
  • Plan to have lunch together, perhaps including other colleagues.


Please register here.


Company registration

Interested companies fill out our online form to register for the job shadowing programme.

The company’s profile will then be published on the Career Service website (excluding the contact information of the job shadowing partner).

Companies can register at any time.


Students or doctoral researchers select a company or a position from the list of participating businesses.

They then fill out the application form and include details on their curriculum vitae (resume).

They can apply at any time.

Contact between student/doctoral researcher and company

Within three to five working days of receiving applications  we pass them on to the requested company.

Companies have up to seven days to let us know whether a job shadowing day is possible and how to contact the job shadowing partner.

We pass this information on to the interested student/doctoral researcher, who then contacts the company directly.

Both parties agree on a job shadowing day.

The job shadowing day

The job shadowing partner (host) and the job shadow (visitor) agree on the start, end and sequence of events on the job shadowing day.

The job shadow lets us know when the job shadowing day is scheduled.

The job shadowing day then takes place.

After the experience

The company gives us short feedback afterwards (via email or phone).

The student / doctoral researcher sends us an experience report (max. 1 page)  and then receives a certificate of participation from us.