A traffic sign shows the dead end

Dropping out - and now?

Made the wrong decision? Hit a dead end?

If you are thinking about dropping out of university, you are neither the first nor the last student to do so. At least fifty percent of all students doubt whether they are on the right track with their studies. The reasons for doing so are varied and include lack of interest, funding problems and the inability to fulfil the demands of the study programme. This page is designed to help you find your way.

Dropping out or carrying on with your studies?

The first place to go if you have doubts about your studies is the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB). There you can get advice on the following topics:

  • if you want to give your subject another chance and how it can succeed
  • what your criteria are that make it clear to you that a change is the better alternative
  • which alternative subjects at the University of Konstanz or at other universities are suitable for you
  • whether you still want to study, or a vocational training is a sensible next step
  • whether and how you can react to your needs with a different type of Master after completing your Bachelor's degree

In addition, there are other counselling and support services that are available to you if you have doubts or encounter problems during your studies.

Changing the subject? Or the university?

If you would like to continue studying, but consider changing your subject or perhaps your place of study, the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) will be happy to talk your options through with you. The ZSB advises subject- and university-independent. Their aim is to find the best individual solution for you.

If you want to change your major or minor within the University of Konstanz the Central Student Advisory Service will also be happy to assist you with finding a suitable solution. Information on the formal process of changing your subject is available here.

Vocational training in Germany?

Training for a profession might be an interesting alternative to completing a university degree, especially if you found your study programme too abstract. You can find comprehensive information on training opportunities in the Guided Tour for study and career guidance at the University of Konstanz, in the apprenticeship database of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer, IHK), or, for apprenticeships in the district of Constance, via Ausbildungsoffensive Landkreis Konstanz (all available in German only).

Personal advice on training opportunities in the region and throughout Germany is available at the Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit).

Directly entering the workforce?

If your studies are already advanced or you have already gained some professional experience outside of university, you might consider dropping out of your studies in favour of a direct entry. There are indeed success stories of dropouts who have made a career for themselves without any degree. In the long run, however, it is advisable in most cases to have a degree. You should therefore really think twice about taking this step.

Perhaps a temporary interruption of your studies in favour of practical work experience can help you to regain your enthusiasm for your subject or to reorient yourself. The Career Service will be happy to advise you on your options for gaining work experience during your studies and the possibilities of a direct entry without a degree. Just arrange an individual consultation with us.

If you need advise on the question of whether you can still complete your degree in your current subject or an alternative subject, or whether vocational training is an option for you, the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) will be happy to support you.

Starting a business?

If you are thinking about starting your own business and/or have a business idea that was just waiting for the end of your studies, now could be the right time to put your plan into action. You can find more information and support on the topic of self-employment and starting a business here.

Information on exmatriculation and further formalities

The Student Service Centre (SSZ) is responsible for your exmatriculation at the University of Konstanz. You can find all further information on the procedure, required documents and contact persons here.

Please note! If you have a residence permit for studying, you must inform the Foreigners' Registration Office about your exmatriculation. Please note that your residence permit will usually expire as a result. If you want to stay in Germany, you should find out in advance what options you have for changing your subject, starting a career or training. The International Office offers initial advice on residence regulations.

Before you formally exmatriculate, you should also contact the following institutions to find out what formal matters you will have to deal with when you exmatriculate:

  • your health insurance provider
  • the BAFöG office, if you are receiving funding through the BAföG
  • the agency responsible for paying your child benefit (Kindergeldstelle), if your parents are receiving child benefit payments for you

If you have any questions or difficulties with the bureaucratic requirements, the Social Counselling Service of Seezeit Studierendenwerk will be happy to help you.