Looking for the right track

Feeling concerned or unsure about your studies? The ZSB can advise you on topics like getting re-oriented, changing your field of study or dropping out.

Are you unsure whether your current field of study is right for you? Do you think about changing university and ask yourself what you need to consider? Do you wonder where to start?

Our Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) will gladly take time for you and your concerns. Simply make an appointment for your individual consultation, where the ZSB team will help you explore various options. You can also check our Events and workshops webpage for upcoming programmes.

Together we can discuss the following:

  • Is continuing with your subject an option? If so, how can this work?
  • What criteria point towards changing your subject?
  • Which subjects at the University of Konstanz or at another university best match your interests, abilities and goals?
  • Do you want to continue studying, or is vocational training currently the better option?
  • Which steps do you have to take now, where can you find information and who can help you?

More options to help you find the right track

Discover other subjects

  • Here in Konstanz – anytime! Attend lectures in other subjects and browse through our various study programmes.
  • At other universities: Visit the study information day (mid-November), and take part in taster lectures and other options.
  • Online lectures: Listen to lecture recordings in various subjects at the University of Konstanz and at other universities, e.g. on YouTube.
  • Watch films on BERUFE.TV covering various study fields and vocational careers.

Take part in workshops and presentations

You can also benefit from events organized by the Career Service team:

Use tests and online self-assessments

Orientation tests:

Please bring your test results or access data with you to your consultation appointment – we will gladly help you with assessing your results!

Online self-assessments:

The OSA portal (in German) provides an overview of online self-assessments (OSA) for a wide range of subjects. Explore the subjects and check whether your first impression fits what a subject is really about.

Find out about opportunities for vocational training

Our Guided tour webpages (in German) provide comprehensive information on vocational training. Individual consultation on training in the region and throughout Germany is provided by the Agentur für Arbeit Konstanz-Ravensburg (federal job agency)

Changing your major or minor at the University of Konstanz

We will be happy to advise you if you would like to change your major or minor at the University of Konstanz. Follow the link below to find out how you can change your subject: