You are no longer sure whether your subject is still suitable for you? Are you considering studying another subject or changing to an apprenticeship? Here you will find initial information that can help you with a new orientation.

Use a personal conversation?

You do not yet know whether you want to change at all, whether you want to leave Konstanz or the university and there are many things that need to be considered? You are not sure what to do first? Come to the individual advisory service of the Central Student Advisory Service. We take the time to find out together with you, if you

  • want to give your subject another chance and how it can succeed.
  • what your criteria are that make it clear to you that a change is the better alternative.
  • which alternative subjects at the University of Konstanz or at other universities are suitable for you.
  • whether you still want to study, or a vocational training is a sensible next step.
  • whether and how you can react to your needs with a different type of Master after the Bachelor's degree.
  • which steps are necessary now, where to find the information you need and other places to help you, etc.

Arrange an individual appointment

What else can you do to re-orient yourself?

Get knowing other subjects

  • At the University of Konstanz – anytime! Try attending lectures in other subjects.
  • At other universities? Take advantage of the Study Information Day (mid-November) and taster courses offered by the universities.
  • Lectures online? There are lecture recordings of various subjects at the University of Constance and others, e. g. on YouTube.
  • BERUFE. TV offers films on various courses of study.

Attending seminars and lectures

  • BEST workshops for study orientation: self-examination and (new) target setting in 2 compact days! The better you know yourself, the easier the decision will be

The Central Student Advisory Service and the Career Service offer lectures and workshops that can help you with your reorientation:

Using tests and online self-assessments

Orientation tests:

Please bring your test results or access data with you to the consultation – we will help with the evaluation!

Use online self-assessments:

You can find a list of all OSAs from the most diverse subjects on the OSA portal. Get to know the subjects and find out whether your ideas about a subject are correct.

Finding out about training opportunities

First information if you prefer an apprenticeship. The employment agency (Arbeitsagentur Konstanz-Ravensburg) offers counselling on Fridays at the SSZ.

You want to change your major or minor subject at the University of Konstanz?

If you would like to change your major or minor subject at the University of Konstanz, we will be happy to advise you in advance. You can find out what you need to do to formally change here: