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Career and study orientation in Gymnasium secondary schools

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BEST is a two-day career and study orientation training programme aimed at supporting older university-track secondary school pupils with deciding on and defining goals near the end of their school education. It was developed by the University of Konstanz for Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport (KM) and its Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts (MWK).

BEST aims to

  • motivate future students to reflect upon themselves,
  • develop the skills necessary to make a decision about their future and
  • guide and optimise the search for information.

The training programme strives to either initiate or support the process by which individuals find and choose their future field of study or career.

The University of Konstanz developed the Guided Tour as an information platform specifically developed for the study orientation training programme.

The training programme has been offered statewide for groups of approximately 20 pupils since 2010 (register here) and is regularly evaluated.

BEST seminars are led by two coaches specifically trained in the programme. One of them is a teacher and the other an advisor from either the university’s Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) or the Agentur fuer Arbeit (state-operated employment agency). The language in the trainings is German.

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The training concept includes a wide variety of methods, from individual to group work, from written exercises to working online. Especially the break period lends itself to the use of e-learning.

The training programme includes the statewide orientation test (“Selbsttest zur Studienorientierung”), which is completed during the break period and whose results are used in the second day of training.