Starting a business

Good advice ...does not always have to be expensive. With a little external help, young entrepreneurs can avoid a lot of pitfalls.

We have listed a number of places where you can get information on starting a business. Even if the list is not exhaustive: we hope to help you, as a creative and courageous entrepreneur, to achieve greater clarity.

Start-up advisory service

The Knowledge and technology transfer  supports any students, graduates, junior researchers and professors who want to start a business based on their research findings.

As a member of "Gründernetzwerk Konstanz", the university is closely connected to the players in the city and region.
The Startup-Initiative Kilometer1 of the University of Konstanz and HTWG Konstanz serves as an internal university contact.

Innovation scout

In addition to the start-up advisory service, an innovation scout has been at the university since 2012. Simone Wagner at the Technologie-Lizenz-Büro Baden-Württemberg (TLB) (an agency for invention and patent management) supports university researchers with looking for possible applications for their research in business and societal contexts. She is happy to come by and answer your questions about inventions made at universities, applying for patents and marketing the inventions.

Gründernetzwerk Konstanz for start-ups

The Gründernetzwerk Konstanz, a regional alliance of organisations for start-ups, is located in the Technologiezentrum Konstanz. Here you can find an overview of participants’ locations and the services offered for start-ups in Konstanz.

Further external offers

The Tech Startup School (TSUS for short) creates a bridge between theory and practice.

In a two-month program (14 seminar days), medium-sized companies and students, graduates and professionals interested in founding a company meet to work together in teams on real problems with a technological background to develop business models that can be financed.
The Tech Startup School takes place at various locations within Baden-Württemberg. These include Balingen, Stuttgart and Constance.

All further information and the possibility to apply online can be found on the website  Tech Startup School.

Our cooperation partners:

Hochrhein-Bodensee Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)

The IHK Starter-Paket provides you with basic information and orientation for creating your own business concept.

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

The Bundesagentur für Arbeit (federal job agency) provides information on funding for start-ups as well as other current employment-related funding.