Module guides

Supports you by planning your studies

Bachelor's and Master's study programmes are comprised of various teaching units, in which usually multiple classes about a subfield are summarized. The teaching units are called modules. You can inform yourself about the individual modules and the qualification and learning goals in a study programme via these module guides. The module guides do not replace the examination regulations or the electronic course catalogue via ZEuS when organising your studies.

The Module guides teacher degree: The module guides of the subject Education Science (B.Ed. and M.Ed.) as well as the module guides of the third subjects resp. additional subjects (M.Ed.). can be found here.

Old versions are stored in our archive

ProgrammeDegreeModule book
Advanced Safety Sciences for MedicinesMaster of ScienceDownload
Anthropology and SociologyMaster of ArtsDownload
Biological SciencesBachelor of ScienceDownload
Biological SciencesMaster of ScienceDownload
BiologyBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
BiologyMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
British and American Studies (BAST)Bachelor of ArtsDownload
ChemistryBachelor of ScienceDownload
ChemistryMaster of ScienceDownload
ChemistryBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
ChemistryMaster of Education (Secondary education)Not available
Classics and the Ancient Near EastBachelor of ArtsDownload
Computer and Information ScienceMaster of ScienceDownload
Computer ScienceBachelor of ScienceDownload
Computer ScienceBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
Computer ScienceMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
Computer ScienceBachelor minor subjectDownload
Early ChildhoodMaster of ArtsDownload
Eastern European Studies: History-MediaMaster of ArtsDownload
EconomicsBachelor of ScienceDownload
EconomicsMaster of ScienceDownload
EconomicsBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Not available
EconomicsBachelor minor subjectDownload
Economics and Business EducationMaster of ScienceDownload
EnglishBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
EnglishMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
FrenchBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
FrenchMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
French LiteratureBachelor of ArtsDownload
Gender StudiesBachelor minor subjectDownload
GermanBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
GermanMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
German LiteratureBachelor of ArtsDownload
HistoryBachelor of ArtsDownload
HistoryMaster of ArtsDownload
HistoryBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
HistoryMaster of Education (Secondary education)Not available
HistoryBachelor minor subjectDownload
Information EngineeringBachelor of ScienceDownload
ItalianBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
ItalianMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
Italian LiteratureBachelor of ArtsDownload
Italian LiteratureBachelor minor subjectDownload
LatinBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
LatinMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
LawBachelor minor subjectDownload
Life ScienceBachelor of ScienceDownload
Life ScienceMaster of ScienceDownload
LinguisticsBachelor of ArtsDownload
LinguisticsMaster of ArtsDownload
LinguisticsBachelor minor subjectDownload
Literature (Konstanz Master School of Literary Studies)Master of ArtsDownload
Literature-Art-MediaBachelor of ArtsDownload
Literature-Art-MediaMaster of ArtsDownload
Mathematical FinanceBachelor of ScienceDownload
Mathematical FinanceMaster of ScienceDownload
MathematicsBachelor of ScienceDownload
MathematicsMaster of ScienceDownload
MathematicsBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
MathematicsMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
MathematicsBachelor minor subjectDownload
Motor NeurorehabilitationBachelor of ScienceDownload
MultilingualismMaster of ArtsDownload
NanoscienceBachelor of ScienceDownload
NanoscienceMaster of ScienceDownload
PhilosophyBachelor of ArtsDownload
PhilosophyMaster of ArtsDownload
PhilosophyBachelor minor subjectDownload
Philosophy/ EthicsBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
Philosophy/EthicsMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
PhysicsBachelor of ScienceDownload
PhysicsMaster of ScienceDownload
PhysicsBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
PhysicsMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
Political EconomyMaster of ScienceDownload
Political ScienceBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
Political ScienceMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
Political ScienceBachelor minor subjectDownload
Politics and Public AdministrationBachelor of ArtsDownload
Politics and Public AdministrationMaster of ArtsDownload
PsychologyBachelor of ScienceDownload
PsychologyMaster of ScienceDownload
Psychology, Forensic Psychology SpecializationMaster of ScienceDownload
RussianBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
RussianMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
Slavic LiteraturesBachelor of ArtsDownload
Social and Economic Data ScienceMaster of ScienceDownload
SociologyBachelor of ArtsDownload
SociologyMaster of ArtsDownload
SociologyBachelor minor subjectDownload
SpanishBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
SpanishMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
Spanish and Ibero-American StudiesBachelor of ArtsDownload
Speech and Language ProcessingMaster of ArtsDownload
SportBachelor of Education (Secondary education)Download
Sport ScienceBachelor of ScienceDownload
Sport ScienceMaster of ScienceDownload
SportsMaster of Education (Secondary education)Download
StatisticsBachelor minor subjectNot available
Studies in European CultureMaster of ArtsDownload