FAQ to formalities while your studies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about re-registering to study

What do I have to take into consideration when continuing my studies (re-registration)?

All information on how you can re-register.

If I am a current student, when do I have to pay tuition?

In order to be able to continue your studies at the University of Konstanz, you must pay all relevant fees and contributions before the re-registration deadline. 

Re-registration periods
Winter semester: from 15 Juli until 15 August
Summer semester: from 15 January until 15 February.

These deadlines might change slightly due to weekends and holidays.

If you do not pay the fees and contributions on time, then you will be billed an additional administrative fee of 15 euros (§ 4 Verwaltungsgebührensatzung der Universität Konstanz (University of Konstanz Administrative Fees Regulation)). 

What is the payment reference for current students?

The payment reference is comprised of a 12- resp. 13-digit number.

It includes:
126 + student ID number (without "01/" or letters) + semester abbreviation (e.g. "242" for the Winter Semester 2024/25)

What is the semester abbreviation?
The first two numbers represent the year in which the semester begins for which you are registering ("24" for 2024). The third number is either a "1" for the Summer Semester, or "2" for the Winter Semester.

Example of a 12- resp. 13-digit payment reference:
126123456242 or 1261234567242

126: Stays the same
123456 resp. 1234567: Your 12- resp. 13-digit student ID number
242: Semester abbreviation

Important: Please use a payment reference number without spaces or additional characters before or within the 12- resp. 13-digit number. This is necessary to ensure that your payment is processed without delay. If you do not pay the fees and contributions in time, then you will be billed an additional administrative fee of 15 euros (§ 4 Administrative Fees Regulation of University of Konstanz).

What are the bank account details for the University of Konstanz?

For transfers in European SEPA format:

IBAN: DE92600501017486501274
Bank name: Baden-Wuerttembergische Bank in Stuttgart

As a current student, what happens to me if I do not pay?

If you do not pay tuition, then you will receive a billable reminder with a an additional administrative fee. If you do not pay the re-registration fee within a few days (§ 62 para. 2 no. 4 Landeshochschulgesetz) then you will be exmatriculated.

Questions about exmatriculation

What do I need to take into consideration when I exmatriculate?

All information on how to end your studies.

What is the minimum amount of time that I need to be enrolled?

All students are required to be enrolled until they complete their last examination requirements, including any necessary repeat examinations (§ 1 para. 2 University of Konstanz admission and enrolment requirements - ZImmO). Only after the enrolment requirements have been fulfilled are you allowed to apply to be exmatriculated. You will otherwise not be able to graduate.

There are special regulations for law students (First state examination).

How long do I have a right to claim a refund if I am exmatriculated after the semester begins?

If you exmatriculate with immediate effect within a month after the beginning of the lecture period, then you can request a refund of all administrative, Seezeit student services and student body fees. The same applies for the tuition fees for international students and for second degree studies.

Legal bases:

  • § 4 para. 2 sentence 2 and 3 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on education fees - tuition fees for international students).
  • § 8 para. 6 sentence 2 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on education fees - tuition fees for second degree studies).
  • § 12 para. 3 sentence 1 Landeshochschulgebührengesetz (state law on education fees - administrative fees).
  • § 4 para. 1 Beitragsordnung Seezeit Studierendenwerk Bodensee (Seezeit Bodensee student services schedule of fees - Seezeit student services fees).
  • § 4 sentence 2 Beitragsordnung der Verfassten Studierendenschaft an der Universität Konstanz (University of Konstanz student body schedule of fees - student body fees).

A reimbursement for the Winter Semester 2024/25 is only possible until 21 November 2024.

How do I exmatriculate myself from one subject or from one of several study programmes?

How do I get my UniCard credit back and where do I hand it in afterwards?

You can get your Seezeit credit transferred at Seezeit student services on level A5 (near the Campus Café) and your Canon printing credit at the Canon printing service, also on level A5 (near main entrance/bus stop). The same applies where reimbursement is due because of exmatriculation, except that your Seezeit credit will be reimbursed at one of the cafeteria cashiers on level K6. We recommend that you have any credit balance refunded before you apply for exmatriculation; this applies all the more if you intend to exmatriculate with immediate effect.

Students who exmatriculate themselves must turn in their ID card along with the exmatriculation request to a staff member of the SSZ. If you are exmatriculating while the term is still in session, you may keep your student ID until the end of the semester. It must be returned to the SSZ once the semester has ended. If you are exmatriculating with immediate effect while the term is still in session, your ID will be retained by the SSZ or re-issued with a new expiration date. Students who are being exmatriculated by act of law and have received notification of exmatriculation must return their student ID to the SSZ as soon as exmatriculation comes into effect (either in person or by posting it to the address provided on the exmatriculation notification). However, if there is a wish to keep the UniCard as a souvenir after graduation, this can be made possible by physically recognisable unusability (punching/cutting).

Questions about further formalities (leave of absence, switching study programmes, UniCard, new address, accident, maternity protection, individual standard period of study)

When and how can I request a leave of absence from my studies?

All information about how to request a leave of absence.

When and how can I request a change in study programmes or universities?

Where and how do I receive a student ID card?

All information about how to receive a student ID card.

Where and how can I change my address and other personal information?

All information about how to change my personal information.

What do I have to be aware of as a student in case of an accident on the university campus?

What should I do as a student in case of pregnancy?

All information about what I should do in case of pregnancy.

What is the "individual" standard period of study and what about the deadlines for semester-related study and examination achievements?

In Baden-Württemberg's higher education law, amendments have been adopted which provide for an adjustment of the individual standard period of study by one semester in each case for students enrolled in the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21, the summer semester 2021 and/or the winter semester 2021/22 due to corona-related delays (see § 29 para. 3a Landeshochschulgesetz - LHG (State Higher Education Act) and § 1 Regelstudienzeitverlängerungsverordnung (Regulation on the Extension of the Period of Study)). Special regulations apply to the state examination programme in law; please contact your departmental student advisory service for law. Due to the link between the maximum duration of funding and the standard period of study under the state's higher education legislation, the maximum duration of funding for BAföG is to be increased by one semester each.

In Baden-Württemberg the Landeshochschulgesetz LHG (state law on higher education) has passed a legislation amending in order to extend the exam deadlines for specific (study) semesters for students who were/are enrolled in either the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21, the summer semester 2021 and/or the winter semester 2021/22 (see § 32 para. 5a Landeshochschulgesetz). The extensions apply to deadlines for exam retakes, orientation tests, all coursework and performance assessments required to complete a degree as well as preliminary and intermediate exams required by state law for state examination programmes. Students who have been enrolled between the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2021/22 can extend the aforementioned deadlines that fall in this period for up to three semesters. After this period, no additional extension is possible.

For extensions of exam deadlines in the state examination in law programme, please see the current regulations in § 67 Juristenausbildungs- und Prüfungsordnung JAPrO.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant departmental student advisory service.