Anton Faistauer Exhibition with Sarah Bildstein

Artist Sarah Bildstein is nominated for this year´s Anton Faistauer Award for Painting

Since 25 June, an exhibition in Salzburg presents ten nominees for this year´s Anton Faistauer Award - Sarah Bildstein is one of them.

In 2019, Sarah Bildstein organized the exhibition “100 Spectres” in the Gewölbekeller in Konstanz – funded by the Zukunftskolleg. She collected water samples from all over the world; in collaboration with scientists from the Zukunftskolleg, she determined the individual constituents of water and translated them into aesthetic forms.

Every three years the province of Salzburg awards a prize for painting to promote the younger generation of artists. It is named after the painter Anton Faistauer, who comes from the province of Salzburg. The prize is endowed with € 7,000 and will be awarded on 30 July.

The competition is open to painters who are not older than 40 and who were born in Austria or who have lived in Austria permanently for at least five years.