Teambuilding tour
Teambuilding tour

Participate in campus life - join us!

Studying is more than just academics. Take part in activities that are important to you and meet new people.

Living interculturally

ESN Konstanz (Erasmus Student Network)

ESN Konstanz (Erasmus Student Network) is a group of students who bring locals and internationals together by organizing events and excursions. Events such as pub crawls, baking cookies before Christmas, language café, parties and trips for example to the Europa Park are part of the ESN program. During the current situation there are various events via Discord and regular virtual gatherings in "Konnytown" are about to start. Check our homepage, social media and our Discord server to stay updated (links on the right).

Konstanz meets International

Life in Konstanz should not only consist of studying. Students from all over the world meet at the Konstanz meets International events!

Language tandem

Learn a foreign language in a tandem. This is a service offered to students and staff members by the Language Institute of the University of Konstanz.

The principle is simple: Two students or staff members that are learning each other’s native language meet regularly and communicate on a rotating basis in both languages (2 hours per week, 1 hour for each language, for example). Here, the principle of reciprocity applies: Both ‘give’ and ‘receive’ in equal fashion.

Learning a foreign language in a tandem does not cost anything and combines learning and real communication - whatever the topic or language, both partners will profit from this mutual experience. This experience is also not just about language - it is also about intercultural learning. Both will gain new perspectives into the culture and life of the other. Meeting as a tandem may provide intensive individual learning, or it may also be used to complement a language course when homework or classwork need to be completed.

STUBE Baden Württemberg - development-oriented education programme

Look beyond your own nose! For students from Asia, Africa and Latin America studying in Baden-Württemberg, STUBE provides a seminar programme about current development-oriented education topics. Independent of what you study, STUBE supports internships abroad. Female students (also with children) are especially invited to take part in the programme.

Rent an American - the USA as a guest in German classrooms

Rent an American is a programme for US-American students. It arranges visits by US-American students to classrooms at German schools. Through this programme, students can meet teachers and pupils to familiarize themselves with new perspectives and to learn about life and education in Germany. Not only will you learn something new, but you will also widen the horizons of your hosts.

To join the program, please reach out to the dai Tübingen via email to

You get to decide which invitations you want to accept and which topics you want to address. You will not function as an official speaker. Instead, you will act as an “ambassador in sneakers”. You can cover such topics as your home city, music, sports, politics, personal experiences, family history or historical events. You will be able to bring new perspectives into German classrooms. 

Language Café

Voluntary translators in Landkreis Konstanz

Do you speak German and have another mother tongue? Have you lived in another culture and do you feel integrated in Germany? The service of voluntary translators of Landkreis Konstanz offers translation and intercultural support to people who find communication with German offices difficult to manage. Become a translator yourself and make use of your own intercultural knowledge.


To study successfully does not mean you should only hang out in the library. Experiencing your surroundings and the Lake Constance region enhances your successful study experience in Konstanz. This will bring diversion and variation into your routine and provides the opportunity to take part in group activities.

Excursions are organised every semester. We visit historical destinations in the region, natural spectacles as well as political and research institutions. Sport and leisure activities are also offered.

The excursions are organised by the Erasmus Student Network Konstanz (ESN), the Lake Constance Arts & Science Association and the International Office.

Supporting refugees

supported by the "Welcome" Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funding of the Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF)

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