Moving within Konstanz

When moving within the city of Konstanz, there might be a few things to consider.

The purpose of this page is to give you an overview on things that you might need to take care of.

If you need help with any of these matters or if you need to take care of something that is not listed below, please get in touch with your contact person at the Welcome Centre. We are happy to assist you.

Please note that in general rental agreements have a three-month period of cancellation if not stated otherwise.

If you want to sublet your apartment or room to future researchers (in accordance with your landlord/landlady), please let us know.

Things to consider

Re-registration Bürgerbüro

When moving wihtin the same city, you are obligated to inform the residents' registration office (Bürgerbüro) about your new address.

In general the re-registration needs to be done in person. One can either go to Bürgerbüro without an appointment and risk waiting for a rather long time or you can book an appointment for the re-registration online.
Please let us know if you want us to book an appointment for you.

For the re-registration you need you need the following documents:

  •  passports for all persons that you want to re-register,
  •  wedding certificate (if applicable),
  •  birth certificate (for children)
  •  landlord confirmation for the new flat

Forwarding request with Deutsche Post

The Deutsche Post offers a forwarding service for 12 or 24 months. This means that if you book this service, all mail sent to your old address will automatically be forwarded to your new address. If you include the move notification (free of charge), the sender will be informed about your change of address.

The price for a 12 month forwarding request is 26,90 € (online) / 29,90 € (in any post office). To avoid any gaps, one should set up the service at least 5 working days prior to the moving date.

Changing your address

When moving to a new apartment it is necessary that you inform all authorities, companies and persons that send you mail about your new address.

With most companies it is usually possible to change your address using their online services. If a company does not have an online platform, you do not have access to their service or you simply cannot work with it as everything is in German, it is recommended to write a letter and mail it to them. The Welcome Centre can provide a wide range of templates for changing your address, please just get in touch with us and we are happy to help you.

Here are some authorities/companies that you might need to change your address with:

  • bank (usually via online banking)
  • health insurance
  • other insurances (e.g. liability insurance)
  • public broadcasting agency
  • student division at the University of Konstanz (SSZ)
  • scholarship provider
  • Human Resources department at the University of Konstanz
  • Landesamt für Besoldung und Versorgung (LBV)
  • electricity company
  • mobile phone and internet provider
  • Bahn Card (usually via your online log in)
  • VHB Job-Ticket

Municipal waste disposal services

When re-registering with the Bürgerbüro, the municipal waste disposal services (EBK) will be automatically informed about your new address.

You will then automatically receive a final statement of charges for your old address and a bill for your new address. Fees that you have already paid at the old address will be credited in your new bill.