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How the Welcome Centre can help you find accommodation for your stay in Konstanz

The Welcome Centre will be pleased to assist you in finding an accommodation for the period of your stay in Konstanz. In the following, we would like to inform you about some issues and facts related to accommodation in Konstanz.

Please be aware that it is very difficult to find an accommodation in Konstanz and the prices are very high as Konstanz is a popular place to live in and for tourism. 

Generally, we will explore the following possibilities to help you find a place to stay in Konstanz:

  1. A limited contingent of university guest house apartments is available for researchers from abroad.
  2. For students there are a limited number of rooms available in the student residence.
  3. There is a private accommodation market in Konstanz that we occasionally check in order to find a suitable place to stay for you. However, for the following reasons it is very difficult to be successful on the private accommodation market, so we usually only actively search here when you are already in Konstanz:
    • Landlords mostly will not rent out apartments to someone they haven't had the chance to meet personally, i.e. when you are not in Konstanz, it is very difficult to be chosen, especially as there are generally more than 50 people that react to interesting accommodation offers.
    • Landlords do not tend to let apartments for only a couple of months: they are looking for someone who intends to let an apartment on a permanent basis.
    • Most apartments offered on the private accommodation market are not furnished.
    • Since offers for accommodations on public platforms usually receive a lot of requests, the delay in communication between multiple parties - you, the Welcome Centre and lessors - often takes to long for lessors.
  4. The Welcome Centre maintains relationships with lessors in Konstanz, which gives us preferable treatment or even exclusivity on some offers. So our main approach is to try to get you into direct contact with suitable offers from lessors we're in contact with.

In Germany, it is quite common that in average approximately 40% to 50% of the net salary is spent for accommodation.

Generally, you should calculate around 700€ - 900€ for a single flat, 800€ - 1000€ for a two-room flat and 1000€ - €1.500 for a three-room flat. If the accommodation lies in the outskirts of Konstanz (for example Litzelstetten or Dettingen) the price will be lower, in the city centre higher, respectively. Fully furnished flats or holiday apartments will be more expensive.

In many cases, especially when you intend to stay for more than six months, we recommend looking for a temporary accommodation for the first two months of your stay and we will assist you in finding a permanent accommodation once you are here.

We would like to emphasize that the Welcome Centre itself cannot sign any contracts and that you are contractually fully responsible for any lease you sign and any reservation you make. The Welcome Centre does not cover the costs of reservations, cancellation fees or charges of bank transfers.

Finally, please note that unfortunately the Welcome Centre only has limited capacities and resources in assisting to find an accommodation. Therefore, the Welcome Centre cannot guarantee to find an adequate accommodation for you. Given the difficult situation regarding accommodation in Konstanz it will also not be possible to comply with all detailed requests that you might have. To find a suitable place to stay in Konstanz you will very likely need to make compromises. Be assured, however, that we will do our best to find an adequate and comfortable place for you during your stay in Konstanz.