Additional costs

When you rent an apartment, a distinction is made between the net cold rent (Kaltmiete) excluding heating, water, internet, telephone, electricity, waste disposal and broadcasting and the warm rent (Warmmiete: net cold rent + advance payment of operating costs and heating costs).

Usually, the warm rent is directly paid to the landlord/landlady as part of the rental contract. Electricity and internet are often paid, though not always, in addition and regardless of the rental contract. Waste disposal and broadcasting fees have to be paid directly to the respective service providers and are usually only inculded in the payments for holiday apartments.

When you plan your budget for your stay in Konstanz, please have in mind that you always have to pay a security deposit before you arrive or right after you arrive (which can range between the amount of one and three times the cold rent). The deposit serves as a guarantee for the landlord/landlady. It will be returned to you if the rented property remains in the same condition once you move out. Please note that the landlord/landlady is not obliged to return the deposit right after the end of the contract but that he/she has six months’ time to do so in accordance with the tenancy law. However, mostly the deposit is paid back earlier.

The Welcome Centre will be more than happy to assist you to register with the electricity, waste and broadcasting companies, if necessary.

Broadcasting fees

Every registered citizen in Germany (18 years and older) is obliged to pay the public broadcasting fee to the public agency “ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice”. The fee (currently 17,50 €/month) refers to one household. If you live alone, you are fully in charge for your household and the respective payment of the fees. If you live in a shared flat with other people, the fees can be divided between the flat mates. However, it is important to check whether your flat mates are already registered and have a so called „Beitragsnummer“ (contribution number) which you have to report to the broadcasting agency.
Please note that it isn‘t enough that a person in your household pays the fees, the Beitragsservice has to know, that you live in the person’s household, too, so you have to respond accordingly to the letter you receive from the agency. Please be assured that everyone will be registered automatically (as one household) when you keep ignoring the letters and that ignoring the letters might lead to a surcharge and might even have judicial consequences in the worst case.

Waste disposal fees

Every registered citizen in Konstanz is obliged to pay garbage fees (exception: If you live in the student dormitory “Seezeit” or at the university’s guesthouse) to the municipal waste disposal services “Entsorgungsbetriebe Konstanz” (EBK): If you live alone (one household), the yearly fees currently amount to 104,40 € (2020). If you live in a shared flat, the person who initially registered with the EBK has to send a form to the EBK specifying the details of the people who share the flat, indicating the customer number of the household. The price will change depending on the number of people who live in the respective household.
Similar to the procedure with the broadcasting company, please do not ignore the letter from the EBK but respond to it accordingly. The Welcome Centre will certainly assist you in dealings with the garbage company.