Centre for Transferable Skills

The broad range of cross-disciplinary, career-oriented training opportunities at the Konstanz Centre for Transferable Skills contributes strongly to our university's extensive transfer activities.

The corresponding programme reflects current educational discourse, new forms of work and social transformations that call for a dynamic set of digital and non-digital transferable skills. The courses cover a wide range of different transfer-oriented topics and fields of application such as sustainability, democracy education and social issues, as well as management for the art and culture contexts.

Transferable skills are, by nature, transfer-oriented. The transferable skills students acquire in our courses help them prepare for the demands of everyday working life and enable them to get broad insights into different career fields.

The courses are mainly taught by experts from outside the university who work in the private sector, media and culture, or who are active in civic society. This way, students learn hands-on interdisciplinary skills and competencies that are useful in both academic and non-academic contexts.

Knowledge and competencies can be transferred in practical contexts outside the university setting, for example, in transferable skills seminars where students combine their theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on learning in a specific project.

In addition to this, the cross-disciplinary nature of our courses provides other opportunities for transfer. Since bachelor's and master's students from any discipline can take part, this provides the opportunity to learn together (and from each other) in heterogeneous groups. This, in turn, strengthens students' individual transfer skills, i.e. their ability to take context-specific knowledge and skills, critically reflect on them and use them in other learning contexts and fields of application.