Our transfer strategy

The University of Konstanz is an internationally renowned university and research hub. Excellent research continuously produces new findings, knowledge and methods. The University of Konstanz's transfer activities aim to quickly put this information into practice and make it available to an audience outside the university, tailored to the relevant target group. Engaging in a lively, multidirectional exchange with a wide range of players in society, we incorporate current questions, impulses and needs from society into our research.

The University of Konstanz actively supports and shapes transfer as an integral component of its main tasks – research and teaching. A wide range of transfer activities in a great spectrum of transfer fields are already helping to connect the university and society.

In its meeting on 7 February 2024, the University of Konstanz's Senate adopted a new transfer strategy. The aim of adopting an official transfer strategy is to establish a shared understanding of transfer at the university, to strengthen the transfer of research-based knowledge, innovations and technologies between the university and society, and to foster a vibrant transfer culture at the university.