Continuing education in Konstanz

The latest findings from research at the University of Konstanz form the basis for our scientifically-grounded, targeted continuing academic education. Our practical, hands-on programmes can be completed alongside daily work. This training teaches new skills and enables you to study research questions on your own using scientific methods. In our work, we teach working professionals academic skills and aim to open up innovative perspectives for life-long learning through targeted, scientifically-grounded training. Our course formats, ranging from compact courses to certificate programmes and bachelor's and master's programmes, are tailored to fit your professional and personal requirements.

The courses take your practical work experience into account and help you link up with relevant teaching staff. This collaboration is an additional motivation for you, and it also drives our researchers to reflect upon your practical work experiences and skills in their own research. In general, our programmes are designed to be modular, which means they are split up into individual building blocks for you to complete.