Frequently asked questions

Knowledge and technology transfer

What is a FabLab?

Our open laboratory "FabLab" provides easy access to modern production technologies including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills and other computer-controlled machines. Information about (using) the FabLab at the University of Konstanz.

My research/development could be of interest to society and/or the business world. What do I do next?

We will be happy to check whether your work result is a patentable invention. Simply fill out the corresponding form and send it to Lisa Kuner, University Development, Research and Transfer, Box 214. This involves no financial risk for you at all. On the contrary: As the inventor, or group of inventors, you will receive 30% of the gross proceeds the university generates by utilizing the invention.

As a rule, the patenting process can be coordinated in such a way that there are no problems with your planned publications. Please involve us at an early stage in the process! Please also note that, as a university staff member, you are legally obligated to report inventions.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact

What is required for developing a continuing education course?

If you have a specific idea for continuing academic education, please contact the Life-long Learning team. They will gladly support you with any questions you may have.

How can I find out whether there is a demand for training on my topic?

The Life-long Learning team, in collaboration with external partners, will analyze the potential demand for you. Please contact Ulrich Wacker.

What specific steps are required to develop a continuing education programme out of my initial idea?

Together we will analyze topics such as target group, format, teaching model as well as suitable business models. Please contact Ulrich Wacker.

Which format fits my continuing education idea?

We will gladly explain which formats are possible, for example: in-person classes, blended learning or online programmes. The courses are designed in a way that they can be taken alongside daily work and are tailored to the corresponding requirements. You can find an overview of potential continuing education degrees on the Academy of Advanced Studies website. If you have any questions, please contact the Life-long Learning team.

How can a continuing education programme based on my idea be financed?

The costs for development and implementation must be covered. We will be happy to advise you on the various options for financing the development, marketing and implementation of your programme. Overview of funding options for continuing academic education.

Which degrees are possible for continuing education programmes?

In addition to continuing education bachelor's and master's programmes, adult education study programmes can also be completed with a certificate. You can find more details on the Academy of Advanced Studies website.

Entrepreneurship and starting a business

Whom can I contact with a business idea?

More and more students, graduates and  researchers are planning to start a business. Founding your own business has advantages as well as disadvantages and also involves financial risks. Nevertheless, a start-up originating from within the university, based on an innovative idea or your own research, can be a great opportunity. To make it easier to get started , you can get support for your project from Kilometer1, the start-up initiative of the HTWG university in Konstanz and the University of Konstanz.

In an initial consultation, we clarify specific questions about your business idea and provide feedback. This consultation is free of charge for university members  – like all Kilometer1 services.

The Kilometer1 team will tell you how to get funding, where you can find support and other persons in the same situation, as well as what skills are required and where you can build them up.

When should I kick off my business idea? (for students)

If you are still studying, you can start your business any time you like. However, we at Kilometer1 – the start-up initiative of the HTWG university in Konstanz and the University of Konstanz – advise you not to let your studies slide but focus on completing your degree first. With a university degree, you have other options in case the start-up is not as successful as planned.

Are there ideas/start-up competitions, and how can I prepare for them?

Yes, there is the Kilometer1 Award , the ideas competition of the universities in Konstanz. It takes place once a year.

There are two categories, each endowed with €1,000. The "Student Founder Award"  is for students, and the "Science Founder Award" is specifically tailored to researchers. In both categories, innovative ideas and the development of theoretical business models are evaluated.

You can prepare yourself by taking part in one of our workshops such as the Bodensee Startup School, by attending one of our courses or by browsing our Toolbox web page.

In addition, there are numerous start-up competitions, listed for example on the business start-up portal of the BMWK (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action). There you can find links to national and international competitions as well as plenty of information. We will be happy to support you in preparing for a competition.

Science communication, event management, alumni and relationship management

Do you need experts on specific research topics?

Media representatives are welcome to contact our News and media communications team for assistance. We provide journalists with a broad range of information about the University of Konstanz and can point you to experts on specific research topics, for example, if you are planning an interview.

Are you looking for a media contact or do you need media training?

Our News and media communications team cultivates contacts with media representatives, in addition to coordinating and supporting media activities like film and radio recordings, press conferences or public events on campus. We offer media training and can give you tips for interview situations.

Are you planning to organize an event?

The event and conference management webpages hold further information.

Would you like to support the university financially?

You don’t have to look far to find the right opportunity for you to support the University of Konstanz. With its thirteen departments, its Clusters of Excellence and Zukunftskolleg as well as numerous other research facilities, our university offers a wide range of options for you to help advance top-level research and education. Contact us today so we may assist you in selecting the research project that could benefit from your support the most! Contact and further information


I would like to visit the university with my school class – what options do I have?

There are plenty of ways for school classes to visit the university: for subject-specific lessons, orientation on what to study or getting to know the University of Konstanz. Visit our information page for children and schools (in German)

I am looking for (teacher education) students to work in my school's support programmes. How do I find interested students?

Browse our teacher education job and internship portal to find interested students who would like to help in your support programmes.

Our information page for children and schools gives an overview of projects our students are currently involved in.