Planning a conference? Awards ceremony? Or the University Ball?

University of Konstanz Event and Conference Management at a Glance

We plan and carry out the University of Konstanz’s central events – from the 50th anniversary celebration to the university’s carnival festivities. Our experience and network within the university and with external providers can help you when you are planning your conference or meeting. You will need to account for a wide range of factors while planning and organising an event. Event and Conference Management supports the university with a range of event planning services: We provide competent, reliable assistance for creating, planning and organising conferences, meetings and symposia at the University of Konstanz. Are you planning to organise an event? Our webpages hold all the information and assistance you will need. We are happy to support with individual aspects or the entire organisation of your event. Simply drop by for a one-to-one consultation and we will get you the best possible solution.


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Event and Conference Management

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