Announcements and communications

You would like to advertise an event at the University of Konstanz? You have several options for promoting your event.

University of Konstanz events calendar

The university hosts a large number of events. The events calendar provides an overview, both online and in print.

Online events calendar

You can add your event to the online events calendar at any time. Please fill in the following form. Communications and Marketing will check whether your entry contains all the relevant information and activate it. As soon as this has happened, your event will be visible in the online events calendar.

Instructions and further details are included next to the fields in the form. If you have questions about completing the form, please contact the university’s online editorial staff.

Printed events calendar

Additionally, the University of Konstanz publishes a printed calendar of public events in order to reach interested people from both the university and the surrounding areas. The print calendar is published at the start of each semester - twice a year - and targets interested members of the general public, media and schools.

The print calendar only includes those events that were included in the online events calendar as of the print date. The printed events calendar is available free of charge at the university, by mail and at public places in and around the city of Konstanz. Please approach Communications and Marketing with any questions about the printed events calendar.

Deutsche Hochschulwerbung (DHW) flyer and poster stands

For-profit advertising can only be approved by Deutsche Hochschulwerbung (DHW).

Provided you register with Deutsche Hochschulwerbung (DHW), you may use their flyer stands free of charge to promote university events. If space is available, you may also use the DHW poster frames to advertise events at the university.