Event supporting programme

Lacking ideas for a great event supporting programme? Take a look at this brochure put together by Tourist Information Konstanz.

You will find information on:

  • various guided tours of the city
  • excursions to Mainau Island or to Reichenau Island
  • boat trips to and guided tours of the city of Meersburg
  • excursions to see the bronze and stone-age “Pfahlbauten” (lake dwellings) in Unteruhldingen
  • hiking
  • wine tasting
  • cycling tours

Please note that in order to put on a non-academic supporting programme you will need to obtain permission from your sponsor or else you must finance through the registration fees or sponsoring. If you have any doubts, please check with the Division of Financial Affairs first.

Travel by boat on Lake Constance

Whether as an independent item on the programme, a crossing to a wine tasting event in Meersburg or to a speaker’s dinner on Mainau Island: a boat trip on Lake Constance is always an attractive option.


University music groups:

University orchestra

Director: Peter Bauer, bauer-reichenau@t-online.de

University Big Band

Director: Paul Amrod, bigband@uni-konstanz.de

Wind Symphonica (university wind ensemble)

Director: Ralph Brodmann, wind.symphonica@uni.kn


Chamber Music Ensemble

Professor Alexander Bürkle, alexander.buerkle@uni.kn

Guest performance contract

If you wish to hire musicians for your event, you must draw up a guest performance contract that sets out the overall hiring conditions.

Right of use for music performances

Please be aware that public events (live music and/or recorded music) that involve copyrighted compositions must be registered with GEMA.

Registering open air music events

The city of Konstanz takes its noise control responsibilities seriously. You must register your event with the citizens registration office by February of any given year. You can find additional information on the city administration website.

Please get in touch with us if you want to register a music event so that we can schedule and coordinate any campus events accordingly - in return, we will be very happy to support you with the registration process.

Conference dinner

Exchange between conference participants can be actively encouraged through events like a conference dinner. It offers an informal and pleasant setting for the participants to get to know each other.

Below you will find a list of venues that can accommodate larger groups. If you’re looking for further ideas, please consult the restaurant directory compiled by Tourist Information Konstanz.