Model Konstanz: 50 Years of Reform

A journey through 50 years of university history.

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Our film shows you how the University of Konstanz started as an idea and has continued to develop since then - from its founding in 1966 until its anniversary year 2016. 

University of Konstanz: 50 Years of Reform

The motto points to several defining aspects of the University of Konstanz:
it incorporates the founding idea of the University of Konstanz as a "reform university", striving to be a model for a new kind of university. This model idea holds true to the present day, as the university's continued success in the German Excellence Initiative demonstrates.
The English spelling of “model” in the German motto highlights the university's international focus and global interconnection. Just as a fashion “model” displays a unique creation in a captivating manner, its use in the motto plays on the attractivity of this extraordinary institution of higher education in both national and international rankings.