The foundation "Umwelt und Wohnen an der Universität Konstanz“

The foundation “Umwelt und Wohnen” (environment and living) was established in 1985 with a start capital of DM 500,000 by Honorary Senator Dipl.-Kfm. Herbert Beeck, the then CEO of the LBS Badischen Landesbausparkasse (state home loans and savings bank).

The foundation's purpose is to promote research at the University of Konstanz in the field of environmental protection. The goal is to generate new findings for the public on the interaction between the environment and human habitation through expert opinions, scientific studies and publications and the like.

The foundation supports scientists and academics at the University of Konstanz that carry out relevant individual projects on the topic of environment with special focus on habitation, living, and society. The annual Environment Award from the Landesbausparkasse Südwest and the University of Konstanz includes EUR 7,500 in prize money.