Successfully starting your career

We support you along the way.

As you step into the world of work, you will often need to use your abstract knowledge and skills to complete practical workplace tasks in addition to marketing your relevant skills for a suitable job. At the University of Konstanz, we provide many programmes to support our students on their way to a successful career start.

Profil+ Ready for your dream job

Profil+ (programme mainly in German) specifically prepares students for career entry. You can complete various transferable skills courses as well as programmes organized by the Career Service team while studying. This way, you gain additional skills for the career start in your chosen field.
Further information on Profil+

Career Passport – for international students

The Career Passport programme is specially designed for international students. Alongside your studies, you will acquire general skills for a successful career start and get prepared for the German job market. All of the modules are in English.
More information on the Career Passport programme

eLearning tool Internship

Internships offer a unique opportunity to apply and enhance your skills in everyday working life and to explore career opportunities. To help you make the most of this experience, the Career Service team has developed an eLearning tool that supports and guides you from your job search to your final feedback.
eLearning Tool Internship

If you complete your internship abroad, you can use the eLearning Tool Internship abroad that also covers the international aspects of an internship.
eLearning tool Internship abroad

Job shadowing

To take the first steps towards a career, you need information about your various options. Job shadowing offers you the opportunity to get to know the work routine in a specific professional field or company. Job shadows spend a day observing a professional and their work on a typical day. This gives you a first idea of the skills required for this type of work. As not much time is required for job shadowing, it can easily complement the insights gained through internships.
Further information on job shadowing

Mentoring programme for students and doctoral researchers

Mentoring is a staff development tool. One of its aims is to provide more equal opportunities in the world of work. The university's Equal Opportunity Office and the HTWG's Equal Opportunity and Diversity team jointly use this tool to support women (students and doctoral researchers) on their individual career paths. In workshops, you can clarify your skills, talents and values and subsequently plan your career path based on this knowledge. Experienced mentors support you one-on-one over the course of a year. You can also benefit from networking events where you can exchange information and discuss your experiences with others.
Further information about the Mentoring Programme Konstanz

Career Service

Our Career Service provides an extensive event and guidance programme for students, doctoral researchers and graduates of the University of Konstanz. The team supports you in all matters relating to your career and career entry, including additional, practical qualifications, quick checks of your application documents as well as detailed individual advice.
Support from Career Service