Commission of Inquiry into Scientific Misconduct

Commission of Inquiry into Scientific Misconduct investigates allegations and possible cases of scientific misconduct

The Commission of Inquiry into Scientific Misconduct investigates allegations and cases of potential scientific misconduct. As an internal university body, its sole purpose is to establish facts.

The commission takes action:

  1. if it or one of its members is made aware of an indication or strong suspicion of scientific misconduct or
  2. if a member or the relevant ombudsperson request that it become involved. Indications or a concrete suspicion of scientific conduct may be brought to the attention of the commission by other university institutions or by individuals.

The commission then mounts an investigation and reports back to the Rector. The commission determines the procedure according to their best judgement. The commission keeps confidential any revelations made by persons reporting suspected misconduct. Concerned parties can request to be heard in person. The same right applies to the person who reported the suspected misconduct. The parties involved have the right to inspect the records in accordance with the general provisions.

If you are a scientist at the University of Konstanz and have any questions or concerns about good scientific practice, violations thereof (such as scientific dishonesty) or related conflicts, you may also contact the ombudsperson for research.

Further information and recommendations about scientific integrity, ombudspersons’ responsibilities and procedures relating to scientific misconduct are available from the DFG, the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK), as well as the German Council of Science and Humanities.