Cost of living

The cost of living for students in Konstanz is approximately 720 euros per month. At the beginning of your studies and every semester, you will require more money than usual since you will be paying for the semester fees and the Studi-Ticket. Students who will be applying for a residence permit for study purposes will need to pay an additional 100 euros.

Here is a cost overview that will help you plan your budget:

Accommodation in a residence hall230€ - 420€/month
Private accommodation300€ - 450€/month
Food120€ - 250€/month
Public transportation55€/semester
Learning materials50€ - 100€/semester
Personal expenses150€ - 450€/month
Health insurance85-95€ /month
Liability insurance20€/semester
University fees90€ - 160€/semester
Tuition fee (Non-EU)1500€/semester
Visa /residence permit75€ - 100€/once
Public broadcasting (license) fees17.50€/month
Deposit (for the accomodation)500 - 1000€/once

(to be refunded)