Below we have gathered popular options of Websites containing search portals for various forms of accommodation.

Hotels, inns and youth hostels

For short stays in Konstanz, please consider a wide range of local hotels and inns. The prices range between 50 Euros and 150 Euros per night. Some of them you can book on a long term basis for cheaper rates.

Holiday apartments

As Konstanz is a tourist city there are many ‘holiday apartments’ meant for tourists in the summer season that charge on a daily basis. In the high season the rent is around 50 to 80 Euros per night for a single apartment and up to 150 Euros per night for a two or three room apartment. If you plan to stay with your partner and/or children at a holiday apartment, please note that Konstanz levies a visitor's tax on persons staying in holiday apartments for reasons other than employment. The tax amounts to 2,50€ per day per person of age 16 or older if they are not working in Konstanz.