What is my potential?

Self-assessment tests are a good way to clarify your goals, interests and strengths. Their aim is to inquire about interests, character and skills. The results can help you get a clearer picture of your own potential.

However, the test results should not be accepted as irrefutable truth. Descriptions that seem to fail your self-perception can be a cue to think in more detail about this area.

Personlaity tests

Big Five personality test

The Big Five or the five-factor model is a model in personality psychology that differentiates five main dimensions of personality. The individual personality results from the different characteristics of the five dimensions: (1) neuroticism, (2) extraversion, (3) openness to experience, (4) conscientiousness and (5) tolerance. The Big Five are internationally recognized as the standard model in personality research and have been used in well over 3,000 scientific studies.

You can take a free Big Five personality test here.