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Career websites and salary surveys

With today's multitude of professions, it's not so easy to get an overview. What can I do with my degree? What requirements should I meet for profession XY? What is the usual procedure for starting a career in "my" sector? Career portals offer comprehensive information on a wide range of professions and can be very helpful for orientation. Salary surveys give a good insight into what you can earn in the profession you are considering.

Career websites

Watchado (in German)

The career platform Whatchado offers many insights into jobs and careers from a wide range of fields in over 1,600 video interviews. In addition, the so-called "job dating" shows what people with similar interests are doing professionally.

Karista (in German)

The career portal Karista  helps graduates to discover professions and find jobs.

Berufenet (in German)

The Employment Agency's Berufenet is a basic reference work for occupational profiles and links to further information.

Salary surveys

Berufsstart.de (in German)

On Berufsstart.de you can find data on entry wages of graduates sorted by degree, field of study, industry, federal state and city.

Crosswater Job Guide (in German)

The Crosswater Job Guide offers a salary comparison according to many different criteria, such as country, region, job, company size and work experience.

Gehalt.de (in German)

Gehalt.de not only shows the average salary, but also the salary range for different professions and industries. In addition, you can compare your own salary with those in similar professions.


On Glassdoor, employees can anonymously share the salary for their specific position and company. You can find very specific information there.


The website Lohnspiegel.de by the Hans Böckler Foundation offers salary information on over 500 professions. In addition to average income, other interesting criteria such as average working hours and satisfaction are analysed.

Wage levels in Switzerland - Federal Statistical Office

The Swiss Wage Structure Survey of the Federal Statistical Office is a very reliable source for the current wage level in Switzerland.

The data is broken down into personal characteristics, occupational groups and sector, among other things. Special payments and fringe benefits are also taken into account here.

Lohnanalyse.ch (in German)

Salaries for a specific profession in Germany, Switzerland and Austria can be compared on Lohnanalyse.ch. They are also broken down by federal state, gender and qualification. All wages are entered by users of the site.

Wage calculator of the Swiss Trade Union Federation (in German, French and Italian)

The wage calculator calculates what employees in a certain occupation with a certain qualification usually earn in Switzerland.

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Gehalt (in German)

The topic page "Gehalt" of the Süddeutsche Zeitung displays all articles on the topic of salary and income.

Gross-net calculator

Salary information is usually given in gross, i.e. before deduction of taxes and social security contributions. In Germany, these taxes etc. are paid directly by the employer to the authorities. Only the net salary will be transferred to your account. You can calculate how much this will be using a gross-net calculator.