Coporate Benefits

The University of Konstanz offers its employees attractive discounts on a variety of products, services and health offers via the platform and the company fitness company Hansefit. You can find out how you can benefit from this by logging in to the page using the "My University" icon at the top right.

FAQ Hansefit

Who can take out a Hansefit membership through the cooperation with the university?

Membership in Hansefit is only possible for employees who have a current employment contract with the University of Konstanz or who are civil servants employed by the University of Konstanz.

How often does the university review the employment contracts of its Hansefit members?

The university is obliged to review the employment relationships of its Hansefit members on a quarterly basis. The memberships of persons who do not have a current employment contract with the university will be terminated. However, this does not apply to employees on parental leave or sick leave, people who are demonstrably between two employment contracts with the university or people who are retiring.

Why can't I participate as an employee of the Max Planck Institute?

The Hansefit cooperation is only possible for employees of the University of Konstanz. For contractual and administrative reasons, we cannot open the offer to employees of other organizations such as the MPI.

Why can't Hiwis take part in Hansefit?

The cooperation with Hansefit only applies to full-time employees of the university. Hiwis are therefore not eligible for Hansefit membership.

Why do employees have to pay the entire license fee themselves?

Unfortunately, the university cannot provide any subsidies for Hansefit. One of the reasons for this is the current pressure to make savings. In addition, it already supports university sports so that employees and students can take part in sports and health activities at low cost.

What membership does the Hansefit cooperation include?

Our cooperation with Hansefit includes the Best membership and therefore the largest package of offers.