snack.together is the idea of a lunchtime lottery for all employees of the University of Konstanz. The aim of snack.together is to specifically promote networking among the employees of the University of Konstanz and thus strengthen the university spirit and the general well-being of the employees. If you want to be sure not to miss coming events, you can send an email to  to be put on the information distribution list.

This is how snack.together works:

  1. Register for one or more appointments using the form (visible after logging in at the top right).
  2. The lottery will assign you two to four other colleagues.
  3. Enjoy the break together at the exclusive table in the cafeteria! 

New from March 2023 - the table for multilingualism

How about parlare en más de einer Sprache pendant le déjeuner? Multilingual chatting with each other at snack.together

Do you recognise this?

Do you speak and/or understand more than one language and sometimes have the impression that certain things can be said much more concisely in one language or the other?
Do you find it exciting to speak your mother tongue in alternation with other languages?
Do you enjoy listening to several languages at the same time and are perhaps able to briefly explain to others what it's all about if code-switching doesn't work spontaneously?
It sounds a bit like gibberish, but it's much easier to understand and promotes a good cause: linguistic diversity at the University of Konstanz.

With its guideline for dealing with multilingualism, the University of Konstanz is sending out a signal of appreciation for the many different languages spoken on campus. Currently, 14 different languages are used in studies and research alone. In everyday interactions at the university, there are many more. This multilingualism characterises the university and is the basis for cooperation in the spirit of "creative.together". The university therefore encourages its employees to further develop their active and passive knowledge of different languages.

The multilingualism table at snack.together offers the opportunity to do just that - with guaranteed friendly dialogue partners. Speakers of all languages are welcome!