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Important notices and information

Note for planned appointment as a temporary civil servant

Section 76 (2) no. 1 c) of the State Staff Representation Act allows the Staff Council to be involved at the request of the person to be appointed. If you wish to involve the Staff Council, please get in touch with your contact person from the civil servant department in good time before your appointment.

Note on the corona-related extension of temporary civil servant contracts

In order to mitigate possible disadvantages of the corona pandemic for academic careers, there are extension options for temporary civil servants for academic qualification. Further details can be found in the handout.

Temporary professorships can also be extended. Please contact your responsible personnel officer.

Functional performance reference

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Performance bonus

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Richtlinie über das Verfahren und die Vergabe von Leistungsbezügen sowie von Forschungs- und Lehrzulagen

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