"Gesunde Uni"

Occupational health promotion at the University of Konstanz

In 2005, the University of Konstanz launched the intiative "Gesunde Uni", which defines the fields of action for workplace health promotion.

"Gesunde Uni" has set itself the goal of supporting all employees of the University of Konstanz in improving their personal health in a self-determined manner. In addition, health conditions at the workplace are to be improved. In terms of comprehensive workplace health management, the University of Konstanz also offers occupational safety measures and workplace integration management in addition to health promotion.

The central axes of health management relate to the fields of exercise in everyday (university) life and mental health. The majority of the services are offered in German. Some offers are also available in English to reach international researchers in particular.

On the Stay Healthy subpage you will find all the current offers of the "Gesunde Uni". Under Mental Health - Support for Academics you will find numerous offers to strengthen or restore mental health (please swith to English translation.