#notalone: Buddy-Programm - sport for study duos

Active Campus Konstanz

In the summer semester of 2022, the Academic Sports Service launched the "Buddy-Programm" - inspired by offers that were already being implemented at other universities as part of student health promotion in the Germany-wide project "Bewegt studieren - Studieren bewegt!". Thanks to funding from MWK funds (to support measures to reduce Corona learning backlogs) and later from QS funds (quality assurance funds as part of the student right of proposal), the offer could even be offered free of charge for several semesters.

Due to its popularity among students, we actually wanted to expand the programme further. Unfortunately, however, the QS funds for the Academic Sports Service were cut in the last allocation round, which is why we no longer have any funding available for the "Buddy-Programm". Since we are convinced of our offer, we would like to continue the "Buddy-Programm" anyway. Without funding, however, it is no longer possible for us to offer free participation. Therefore, we have decided to contribute 25 € per person (= 50 € per learning duo) to all participants, at least proportionally to the costs incurred. It was important to us that the offer remains affordable for everyone, which is why the Academic Sports Service is taking over the remaining costs for you this semester! The price is therefore below the average course fees!

The offer at a glance:

  • The idea: two "buddies" (= learning duo) who come together to learn together can take part in a sports course at the same time at low cost. For their time spent learning together, the buddies are rewarded with one leisure activity per week.
  • The goal: To improve mutual acquaintance and understanding, overcome learning deficits together, and increase motivation to learn together in the long run. 
  • Conditions of participation: Only one sports course may be booked per learning duo. Registration is only possible in pairs. Regular participation in the sports course is required - after all, two places will be taken away from other interested parties! Furthermore, it is expected that you honestly evaluate the program at the end and provide information on whether it was able to support you in the intended way. You agree to the possible publication of anonymized survey results and the use of photos taken in the sports course. Please also indicate the subjects for which you want to study together.
  • The registration process: 1. form a study duo. 2. choose a #notalone sports course below and register together (we have reserved course places for the "Buddy-Programm" in our regular course offering for learning duos, which are shown collectively below) -> no sports ticket/SportABO is required