Ursula Keller, Professorin am Institut für Quantenelektronik der ETH Zürich vor ihrem Leitspruch. (Bild: Bettina Flitner/Collection Rolf Heyne)
Ursula Keller, Professorin am Institut für Quantenelektronik der ETH Zürich vor ihrem Leitspruch. (Bild: Bettina Flitner/Collection Rolf Heyne)

Career paths for female researchers

On your way to a professorship

You want to make your own way to a successful research career, in balance with your private life? We can help you put things on the right track. Have you taken the next career step or recently accepted new (leadership) responsibilities? Do you want to position yourself successfully in the scientific community, in your working group or in your department? Are you about to make an important career decision?

At ASD, you will find information on networks and career databases, special events as well as coaching services on anything and everything to do with your career and (work) life. You would like to benefit from a mentoring programme? We are very happy to assist you.

The University of Konstanz promotes equal opportunity and family friendliness, setting out ambitious and binding standards for its academic and administrative units in its gender codex.


Konstanzia Fellowship

The Konstanzia Fellowship has been designed to support post-doctoral researchers in the humanities and social sciences to make their way to a professorship.


MuT - Mentoring und Training is a programme that supports outstanding female junior researchers based in Baden-Württemberg and is run by the "Landeskonferenz der Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an den wissenschaftlichen Hochschulen Baden-Württembergs (LaKoG)". Under this initiative, female researchers on their way to a professorship are given individual support to help them implement their skills and make more of their career options. The programme enables participants to establish beneficial relationships with other researchers, to overcome structural obstacles and gain university-specific skills and experience. The programme is open to female junior professors, Privatdozentinnen, those working on their Habilitation, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral researchers from universities in Baden-Württemberg.

Konstanz mentoring programme for female doctoral researchers: “Frauen im Tandem zum Erfolg” (women successful together) is open to students, doctoral researchers and graduates from the University of Konstanz and the Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG). For a period of one year, professionally experienced female mentors from industry, politics, the cultural sector and science will provide you with guidance and support on career planning and entering a profession. Do you want to get your professional career off to a successful start? Make new contacts, learn from positive role models and obtain support from leaders in your field. We at Academic Staff Development are happy to advise you on taking part in mentoring programmes.

Mentoringplus Konstanz addresses female students and PhD students in the final stages of their studies, who want to prepare their professional career in economics, politics or culture and live in special personal circumstances. This programme is an add-on to the Mentoring Programme Konstanz and takes different diversity dimensions at the transition to the first job into consideration.

Financial Support for female junior researchers

The university’s Equal Opportunity Council provides programmes and scholarships to support female junior researchers in gaining research qualifications and developing their careers.

Further informations are available here.

Work-life and family balance

Every researcher will find her own way of balancing her career with her personal life and family. We are happy to support you with our one-on-one coachings. The following university support services are also available: The “Academic career with children” programme provides advice, information resources and financial support to help female researchers balance career and family obligations. The “Dual Career Programme” and the “Dual Career Network Germany” have been designed to help working couples coordinate their career paths and work towards creating a sustainable work-life balance.

The University of Konstanz supports female junior researchers with children with services including nurseries, emergency and Saturday care services and is part of the best practice-club "Familie in der Hochschule" (family affairs in universities).