Alternative career paths

Prospects for doctoral graduates in industry and society

Evaluating your options, charting your course, establishing practical relevance

The University of Konstanz prides itself on providing comprehensive support to its up-and-coming talent. We support all our junior researchers as they transition into academic careers or take on leading roles in industry and society.

Tailored support in the form of the „Alternative Karrierewege“ (alternative career paths) programme is available to academics at the University of Konstanz who consider pursuing a career outside academia. It doesn’t matter whether you already know exactly what kind of expert or leadership role in industry or society you want to take on, whether you want to establish a “security blanket” for yourself early on in your academic career, or whether you’re still undecided and want learn more about your options before making an informed decision. Please note that this programme has been tailored to the needs of academics working in the humanities and social sciences. However, it is open to academics from all departments.

Programme overview

Take a moment to read about all the services that we offer. You may sign up for several individual services. It is important to us to fit our services around your schedule and to address your current situation and specific needs. Please get in touch to arrange a one-on-one consultation on the support that’s available through the “Alternative Karrierewege” (alternative career paths) programme and discuss your needs with us.

Orientation and information

Pursuing a doctoral or post-doctoral qualification can be a demanding and time-consuming activity. In order to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to get an overview of possible areas of employment, we offer a wide range of individually tailored information.

We work closely with the Career Service to provide you with information and support services
for job hunting, planning self-employment and receiving additional advice on the topics that matter to you. At our information events that we offer in collaboration with the University of Konstanz’s Career Service, we advise academics working in the humanities and social sciences on pursuing careers outside academia. In addition, you will learn about a range of exciting events organised by other service providers.

Continuing education and additional qualifications

In order to further enhance your transferable skills, we offer comprehensive continuing education and interdisciplinary qualification programmes. Besides giving you the chance to earn additional qualifications, these services are designed to assess your individual situation and skills.

Our workshop “Alternative Karrierewege” (alternative career paths) describes possible career paths outside academia. It opens up new perspectives, provides opportunities and space for reflecting on what’s right for you and helps you take the first steps towards realising your goals.

The “Führung, Management, Wissenstransfer” (leadership, management, knowledge transfer) certificate provides documentation of interdisciplinary and transferable skills that you’ll need if (in the future) you take on a leadership position.

Advice and coaching

Are you interested in a career outside academia? Feel free to choose between several in-house advice and coaching services. Whether it’s assessing your current situation, discussing your personal goals, answering your questions about decision-making processes or supporting you along the way – we’re target-oriented, resource-savvy and here to lend a helping hand.

Advice for “Alternative Karriewege” (alternative career paths)
We offer strategic advice on career options, job applications as well as relevant continuing eduction programmes and qualifications. If you would like additional support we’re very happy to refer you to one of our expert advisers.

Academic Staff Development coaching services
ASD’s in-house coaching service can help with questions and concerns about alternative career paths. We will help you find the solution that is best for you and your situation and guide you through professional decision-making and transition processes. 

“Brücken in die Praxis” (bridges to the world of work)

“Brücken in die Praxis” (bridges to the world of work) offers valuable insights into various occupational areas, general orientation as well as tips on how to contact prospective employers. Are you an academic working in the humanities and social sciences? Do you want to increase your visibility and get an idea of what occupation outside of academia you would enjoy? Then “Brücken in die Praxis” is for you!

Come along to one of our “Karriergespräche über Mittag” (career lunch) events on occupational areas outside academia and let us help you develop your objectives and make new contacts. Experts from different professional fields will offer exciting insights into their career paths, their decision-making processes and experiences while also pointing out possible occupational fields and career opportunities. There are two events per semester.
Event archive “Karrieregespräche über Mittag” (career lunch)

The “Kaminabend mit (Post-)DoktorandInnen” (fireside chat) events for both doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from universities in the Lake Constance region deal with alternative career paths outside academia after completion of a doctoral degree or Habilitation (post-doctoral qualification). Various experts will talk about their work, opportunities in research and teaching as well as possible routes into your chosen career.
Event archive “Kaminabend mit (Post-)DoktorandInnen” (fireside chat with doctoral researchers and post-docs)

Our broad range of services are also available to those interested in pursuing an academic career.