Individual coaching

Coaching is a professional service that provides you with solution and goal-oriented support for phases of career-related developments and changes. Our coaching services can help you develop strategies for accomplishing your goals, finding solutions to work-related challenges, reflecting on the demands of a new role and reaching your decisions.

You can talk with us about any topic that relates to your research activities. We can support you with developing resource-oriented solutions. Coaching also serves to further develop your competencies, initiate processes of reflection and free up additional time resources.

While coaching, we strive to appreciate your individuality, focus on developing solutions together and address your individual needs.

Our in-house coaching services are conducted by certified academic coaches, each with significant academic coaching experience. Our coaches all have long-standing professional experience and espouse various complementary methodological approaches.

Terms and conditions

Depending on the topic, we can offer up to ten coaching sessions of 90 minutes each as needed. We treat all related documentation, information and the contents of the coaching sessions in the strictest confidence. In keeping with our professional standards, we assess potential conflicts of interest before taking on a coaching assignment. In order to avoid one coach working with two scientists who are in a relationship of dependency, in conflict with each other or competing for the same position or resources, your coaching request will be delegated to a different team member.

Please take a moment to read our general terms and conditions.