Research careers

The University of Konstanz puts special emphasis on the advancement of junior researchers. Through its "Research Careers” programme, the Academic Staff Development strives to provide its researchers with comprehensive support throughout their academic career.

As a doctoral researcher, you will receive assistance and advice from the very start of your doctorate until you complete your doctoral degree. Our events and information and support services help you plan your successful research career at the university or path to an alternative career. We will assist you every step of the way.

As a post-doc, you can take advantage of specific support and qualification opportunities for the early post-doc phase, which is usually considered to be an orientation phase for a career in research. During the advanced post-doc phase, the University of Konstanz enables you to carry out your work with greater independence as you prepare to take on more leadership roles and plan for a potential research or alternative career. We will accompany you through every stage of the post-doctoral training process.

As a new professor at the University of Konstanz, we will assist you with your arrival and transition via our "professorship at the lake" programme. Our professors have access to one-on-one consultation and continuing education opportunities on topics such as leadership, management and supervision. For professors with supervisory or management functions, we provide support with university structures and processes in the areas of human resources development, the advancement of junior researchers and educational development.

In order to further develop and professionalize their teaching competency at the University of Konstanz, our lecturers can take advantage of our information events and advisory services as well as the Baden-Württemberg-Zertifikat für Hochschuldidaktik“ (Baden Württemberg certificate for university didactics). Furthermore, we advise and assist course coordinators with designing study programmes and modules.

Our internationally mobile researchers receive special support tailored to their needs. Whether you are a researcher who is planning a research stay abroad or a guest researcher interested in coming to the University of Konstanz, we provide various orientation, information and continuing education events and services.

If you are a researcher who is working your way to a professorship, you can take advantage of our information on network and employment data bases, special events and coaching services in order to address all of your questions surrounding your career (and professional)-life.

Our broad range of services are also available to those interested in pursuing an alternative career outside of the university setting.