Share experiences and expand networks

The University of Konstanz’s network thrives through the experiences of its members. Are you interested in following current developments at the university? You want to get involved in shaping campus life? Find out more below on how to get involved.

Alumni, friends and donors support the University of Konstanz. Join them and strengthen this growing network. Are you an expert in a specific field? Do you want to enhance the standing and influence of university research and teaching in the Lake Constance region? Do you want to network with our researchers and students? Do you want to advance innovative projects together? In short: Do you want to get involved in simple and straightforward way? If the answer is yes, then find out more below on how you can share your diverse experiences and expand your personal network.

Share your experiences in your personal #dreamjob


What? Share your job entry and career experiences with students. Reflect on your own time as a student. Talk about your dream job.

How? Complete the online questionnaire.

Why? Put a "face" on our network.

Effort required: Ten minutes on the computer.

Share your job experiences with students


What? Share your job entry and career experiences with students. Look back on your time as a student.

How? Lead an interactive workshop as part of our Alumni on Campus series.

Why? Network with students.

Effort required: Half a day plus travel to Konstanz.

Guest talk during a graduation celebration

What? Reflect on your own time as a student. Share examples of career perspectives and introduce your own employer.

How? Hold a guest talk during a graduation celebration in your former department.

Why? Network with graduates and researchers in your former department.

Effort required: Two to three hours in addition to preparation and travel to Konstanz.

Organize a regional meeting

What? Organize network meetings for current and former “Konstanz” students and staff in other German and European cities.

How? Through, for example, “Stammtisch” events, networking sessions, sightseeing tours etc.

Why? Network with other University of Konstanz alumni.

Effort required: One evening in addition to preparation (depending on the scope of the planned event)

Present a subject-specific network


What? Present a subject-specific network (e.g. from a department) to VEUK.

How? Organize network meetings, support student and scientific projects.

Why? Network with other alumni from your own department or field of work.

Effort required: Organize network meetings, carry out work in support of the network, one or two trips to Konstanz per year (graduation celebrations, committee meetings).

Offer an internship


What? Highlight internship positions available at your current employer.

How? Establish internship positions at your company/institution, create an internship announcement in of the university and select fitting applicants.

Why? Receive support from motivated students.

Effort required: Depends on the scope of the internship.

Offer job-shadowing opportunities

What? A student shadows you at your place of employment.

How? Placement through the Career Service, schedule a date and time for a shadowing opportunity.

Why? Get to know motivated students at the University of Konstanz

Effort required: One work day.

Represent your company or institution at the “kontaktpunkt” event

What? Represent your employer at the annual “kontaktpunkt” job fair hosted by the university.

How? Reserve an exhibition stand via the Career Service , prepare your stand, represent your company or institution.

Why? Recruit the next generation of qualified staff members.

Effort required: One work day and preparation.

Develop and implement projects together with students


What? Join university teaching staff to develop and implement a practice-oriented project with students (e.g. exhibition, installation, event).

How? Support a teaching project with practical application and provide students the opportunity to participate.

Why? Gain new insights. Implement innovate projects.

Effort required: Depends on the scope of the project.