International alumni clubs of the University of Konstanz

Many international students and researchers keep in touch with the University of Konstanz long after they have graduated or left the university. Some of our particularly active networks have established alumni clubs at our partner universities.

Alumni club Iasi (Romania)

The alumni club was founded in September 2016 during a conference titled “‘Toposforschung im Lichte
der U-topie’ (Paul Celan). Literarische Eröterungen in/aus Mittelosteuropa”.

Alumni club Kiev (Ukraine)

The alumni club joined our network in November 2017, institutionalising the University of Konstanz’s close relations with Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Kyiv National Economic University.

Alumni club Prague (Czech Republic)

The alumni club was founded during an international research alumni meeting on the topic of “Diversity, Identity and the Failure of Multiculturalism”. This partnership was inspired by the universities’ close collaboration in the area of literature and media studies as well as by the “Jan Hus Year” celebrated as part of the “Konstanzer Konziljubiläum”.

Alumni club Shanghai (People’s Republic of China)

Our alumni club in Shanghai was established in 2010.

Alumni club Tartu (Estonia)

This alumni club is currently in its initial stages.

Alumni club Warsaw (Poland)

Our Warsaw club was founded in 2015 and cements a university partnership that has lasted for thirty years. The Departments of Politics and Public Administration as well as History and Sociology are particularly involved in this exchange. We also maintain close cultural ties with the Warsaw university choir.