DAAD projects

The University of Konstanz was able to further develop its international alumni network with support from the DAAD’s “Alumni Programme for Supporting and Integrating International Alumni”.

International DAAD alumni workshops at the University of Konstanz

Die Barbaren Roms: University of Konstanz alumni meeting in Iasi, Romania

Long-standing partner, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, Romania, organised an international alumni meeting under the motto “Die Barbaren Roms” (the barbarians of Rome) to celebrate its 20-year partnership with the University of Konstanz. Working with the Römisch-Germanische Kommission Frankfurt, the Alumni Association of the University of Konstanz as well as the Goethe Institute Romania, approximately 60 international University of Konstanz alumni, international researchers and experts discussed “globalisation” as it happened 2,000 years ago.

Ambassadors’ meeting: Meeting of international alumni ambassadors at the University of Konstanz

International alumni conference “Toposforschung zur U-topie”