Subject-specific departments or units

Join one of our VEUK groups to benefit from group-specific offers and to network and exchange ideas with other current students and alumni from your field of study.


The biology group is currently being established.

University Sports


The university sports group was founded in April 2016 with the aim of supporting top-level athletes enrolled at the University of Konstanz and promoting competitive sports at the university. It also devises and plans special sports activities for alumni, for instance the alumni ski cup.

KonNet e.V. (politics and public administration)

Politics and public administration students and alumni have joined together to form the KonNet group. It publishes the "KonText" magazine, which includes important information on current developments within the department and discusses socially relevant topics from a politics and public administration standpoint. The group also organises the KonNet annual meeting in different European cities.


The literature-art-media group focuses on professional exchange within the media industry in the Berlin area. Other interested alumni are also welcome to join and participate!


The physics group is currently being established.


The law group is currently being established.

Sport Science

The Sport Science group is currently being established.


Amongst other things, the economics group organises the recurring "Karrierecheck: Wirtschaftswissenschaften" (economics careers check) event for students in the department: Alumni offer valuable insights into their fields of work and provide tips on how to enter the profession. Furthermore, an alumni meeting is scheduled for Mai 2019 in Konstanz for all alumni.


The Zukunftskolleg group was created especially for current and former Fellows . They are being involved in the strategic development of the Zukunftskolleg and often return to the university as senior fellows. The Zukunftskolleg organizes a recurring Career Paths series showcasing its alumni and their career paths.

Cultivating student and professional contacts - that’s my mission!
Lara Martin, KonNet (politics and public administration group)