Accessibility on the University of Konstanz website

This information is about the website:

Information from public institutions
must be freely accessible.
That means:
Everyone should be able to
use and understand the information.

For example,
the law L-BGG for the state of Baden-Württemberg says so
(Landes-Behinderten-Gleichstellungs-Gesetz = law on equal opportunities for the disabled).
L-BGG is the abbreviation for this law.
This law says that
people with disabilities have the same rights
as people without disabilities.

Public institutions must follow the rules in the L-BGG.
Public institutions are public offices and authorities.
For example:

  • the "Finanzamt" (tax office)
  • the "Rathaus" (city hall)
  • the University of Konstanz

Which information on our website
is accessible to everyone?

Most of the information on our website
is accessible,

  • when you use a computer to visit the website.
  • when you use a smartphone or tablet
    to visit the website.

Which information on our website
is not accessible to everyone?

Some information on our website
is not accessible to everyone.
For example:

  • Some information is not so easy to find.
  • Sometimes you cannot
    browse the website using a keyboard.
  • Some pictures have no description
    for blind or visually-impaired people.
  • Some videos have no captions
    for people with hearing impairments.
  • Some documents you can download
    are not accessible for blind or visually-impaired people.

When was this information provided?

This web accessibility information
for the University of Konstanz website
is from 18 August 2020.

You will find the declaration on accessibility
in standard language below in the grey area
on the website of the University of Konstanz .

We have tested the website with the self-test
of the Barrier-free Information Technology Ordinance.
The abbreviation is: BITV 2.0

We regularly check
whether this information is still true.
This information was last checked
on 10 January 2024.

Tell us about a barrier on our website!

People with disabilities
should be able to use our website
just like people without disabilities.

Please let us know

  • if you do not understand
    information on our website or
  • if you cannot
    use the website well.
    For example: If you cannot click on a field.

Please use our contact form to tell us.
Click here
to open our contact form.

You can also send an email to this address:

Or give us a call.
Telephone: 07531-88 4576

You can also contact
the representative for employees with disabilities
at the University of Konstanz


The representatives for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses
at the University of Konstanz

Who can help with a problem?

You can tell the University of Konstanz
about a barrier on its website.
We then have 4 weeks
to answer you.

If you do not hear from us
within 4 weeks,
then you can contact the following:

They are happy to help you.

The German text in simple language was written by capito Bodensee on 16 February 2022.