Research at the University of Konstanz

What are the topics of our research?

The University of Konstanz
has 5 main research areas.
This means:
Researchers work
mainly in these 5 areas.
And their results are especially good.

These are the 5 main research areas
at the University of Konstanz:

1. Cultural studies

Culture has to do with
what people do,
think up and make.

For example, these topics are part of
cultural studies:

  • history
  • art
  • literature
  • music
2. Social and cognitive sciences

Social science is about
how people live together.
Cognitive science is about
things the brain can do.
For example:
thinking, remembering and noticing.

at the University of Konstanz
are especially interested in these questions:

  • How do people
    treat each other?
  • How does a social environment
    affect people?

This main research area
also involves the Cluster of Excellence on inequality research.

3. Collective behaviour and ecology

at the University of Konstanz study, for example:

  • How do animals behave
    when they are in a group?

This research area is a Cluster of Excellence
at the University of Konstanz.

Ecology is about:

  • What happens in nature?
  • How do people, animals and plants influence nature?
4. Chemical biology

Chemical biology studies
what happens inside of a living thing.
This is also called a process.
For example:
What happens in the human body
when a person is ill?

Researchers want to find out
how they can influence the processes
inside living things.
For example:
How can people fight illness?

5. Nano and materials science

Nano means:
even smaller than micro.

Researchers study the
smallest pieces that a material is made of.
For example, plastic or metal.
And they study
which characteristics these pieces have.

What is important to us in our research?

Everyone is welcome
at the University of Konstanz.

When many different people come together
they can learn a lot from each other.
They can get new ideas.

At the University of Konstanz,
many people work together.
They work in different areas of the university.
They are also from different countries.

The University of Konstanz has
good conditions for research.

For example, researchers have:

  • good working conditions
  • good research equipment

We want researchers
to feel comfortable at the University of Konstanz.
They should be able to do good research
and exchange ideas.
This is how they get lots of new ideas.