Scrabble with terms from the application process
Scrabble mit Begriffen aus der Antragstellung

EU Seed funding in 2024

Seed funding for developing and preparing applications to the European Union for applicants of the University of Konstanz.

The university advertises its 2024 call for seed funding for developing and preparing applications in Horizon Europe, the European structural funds (EFRE, ESF, INTERREG), Erasmus+, and research programmes co-funded by the EU (e. g. COST, EUREKA, PRIMA).

All project leaders of the University of Konstanz are eligible. You can apply for staff costs, material resources and travel costs as well as for costs for external trainings regarding European grants. Consulting services provided by third-party agencies are not eligible for funding. Your EU proposal must be submitted in 2024 and all costs must incur in the same year and before signing the grant agreement or before the rejection of the proposal. Funds cannot be transferred to the following financial year. Successful recipients of the seed funding will provide a short report before 31 January 2025. 

In accepting seed funding, recipients commit themselves to submitting an EU grant proposal. Proposals for seed funding shall be short and concise. No specific form is requested. Please provide the acronym und topic of the EU call for which the seed funding shall be used, outline your research, and draft and justify the budget you apply for.

The 2024 overall call budget amounts to ca. 50,000 Euro. Please draft your proposal accordingly.

Please submit your proposal to the university's EU Officer, Dr Anja Eisenbeiß. The Committee on Research (AFF) or its chairperson will decide on the application as soon as possible.