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As a contact point for students and researchers interested in transfer, we see ourselves as an interface both within the university and between external partners and researchers. With open ears for support needs, we remove obstacles and motivate and accompany transfer projects from the idea to implementation. We help with the examination of research results with regard to their applicability and utilisation, advise on legal framework conditions, support the implementation of start-up ideas as well as the selection of suitable funding formats and accompany during the application phase and project implementation. We also network with internal and external partners and offer a wide range of formats to build up competence in the field of entrepreneurship for students and researchers.

To identify and develop scientific projects with high innovation potential, we actively search for promising ideas, inventions and technologies. We maintain informal exchange with researchers at all levels of experience and in all research areas and develop systematic, proactive awareness-raising measures and processes, such as interdisciplinary networking of those experienced in transfer and researchers interested in transfer, as well as exchange with external partners. Transfer activities at the University of Konstanz are thus initiated, supported and accompanied across all departments and sections, the visibility of existing transfer activities is increased and the motivation for transfer and entrepreneurial activity is enhanced. In this way, we create springboards for researchers with an entrepreneurial spirit and support the change towards a university transfer culture that is lively, thriving and in dialogue with society.