Research Information System

The University of Konstanz is currently establishing a Research Information System ("Forschungsinformationssystem" - FIS). Within a research information system, research metadata can be systematically captured, linked, and analysed. This involves mapping data on researchers and their research activities, such as publications, research projects, and awards, within the FIS. The data capture is based on the specifications of a core dataset for research ("Kerndatensatz Forschung" - KDSF) recommended by the German Council of Science and Humanities. The FIS serves as a central tool for generating reports for internal and external stakeholders.

The technical foundation for the research information system is provided by the software HISinOne-RES, which integrates into the existing system landscape of the university as part of the campus management system ZEuS.

Current Project Status

January 2024

Preparations are currently underway for the management of research projects in the FIS. To this end, this data has been transferred from LSF to the new research information system. The legacy system LSF will be shut down on January 23, 2024. The project data in the FIS will then be adjusted, completed, and processed. In the future, researchers will be able to view and edit project data in the FIS themselves.

After the shutdown of LSF, the project data will be automatically transferred from the FIS to SciKon, ensuring that the plug-ins for integrating research projects on the websites continue to function. Researchers who use such plug-ins on their websites and wish to make changes to their project data can contact fis[at] via email.

In the future, in addition to project data, patents, spin-offs, publications, research infrastructures, as well as awards and accolades will be recorded in the research information system, too.