Is a beamer available? And Wi-Fi?

Media equipment and borrowing a device

Our KIM media equipment specialists can help you with your questions about media equipment (e.g. beamer, microphones etc.). You can also borrow additional equipment from KIM (e.g. notebooks or conference phones).

Event engineering contractors

If you require equipment beyond anything that KIM can provide, please speak to a professional event engineering contractor.

Interpreters and interpretation equipment

Here you can find an overview of translation services and interpretation equipment providers.

Internet access for event participants

Conference WLAN/Wi-Fi

The University of Konstanz Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) offers participants at conferences and other events free, temporary WLAN/Wi-Fi access under the name “conference”. The maximum number of participants is 50. If you need to accommodate more than 50 participants, KIM will get in touch to discuss your options.

Apply to have your internet access set up at least one week before the event is due to start by sending an email with the following information to KIM :

  • Suggested user name (no special characters)
  • Event time
  • Event location
  • Number of participants

You will receive an email confirming that your request has been processed. Conference WLAN/Wi-Fi is activated at 17:00 the day before your event. An extra email will confirm your WLAN/Wi-Fi connection has been activated. To log on to conference WLAN/Wi-Fi, select the “conference” internet connection on your device and enter your user name and password to connect.

Please observe the guidelines for internet use at the University of Konstanz.

Users obligate themselves to only use the internet connection for legal activities. Illegal use is especially evident in cases where the internet access is used to infringe on the rights of others (i.e. copyrights), where illegal content is distributed or made accessible to others or where applications are used which disrupt the network’s functionality. Users are not allowed to pass their WLAN/Wi-Fi access information on to others.

Further information on WLAN/Wi-Fi access and reception at the University of Konstanz. You can find an overview of WLAN/Wi-Fi availability in individual lecture halls and seminar rooms in the table of room rental fees provided by room reservations.


The international internet service “eduroam” (education roaming) gives university guests easy and secure wireless internet access without first having to apply for a guest account. The only prerequisite is that both the host and home institution of higher education participate in the “eduroam” service.

If your home institution also takes part in “eduroam”, select the eduroam wireless internet connection on the University of Konstanz campus and enter your user information (name@myorganisation.xx).

Your login request will be forwarded to your home institution for authentication.

Important: Please consult the respective websites at your home institution about how to install the programme on your operating system.

Information on eduroam at the University of Konstanz.

LAN cable connection

Internet access is available by LAN cable in the following university areas:

  • Lecture halls
  • Seminar rooms
  • Library rooms for group work on level J 3b.

LAN cable connections are a lot more stable and much faster than WLAN/Wi-Fi connections.

Further information on LAN cable connections at the University of Konstanz.