Startseite des Controllingdatenportals der Universität Konstanz
Das Controllingdatenportal der Universität Konstanz ermöglicht den webbasierten Zugriff auf steuerungsrelevante Daten aller Leistungsbereiche.

Flexibly analyze data and key figures

The Controlling Data Portal allows the web-based access to data of all performance areas relevant for controlling purposes

The staff unit Controlling together with the Communication, Information & Media Centre (KIM) are implementing a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) System at the University of Konstanz. The Controlling Data Portal provides users access to web-based data from all performance areas of the university. For example, the portal can be used to retrieve aggregated numbers about students (bachelor, master and doctoral), publications, and external funding (including in time series format). Furthermore, it can create detailed reports that provide a structured overview of contract durations, project budgets and available positions.

The system aims to efficiently complete internal and external reporting requirements (e.g. monitoring reports for study and teaching, the delivery of rankings, reports for donors) and to reduce the growing workload for reporting tasks. The availability and usability of the data supports internal and external decision-making, controlling, and the management by university employees. This will significantly strengthen the strategic management of the university on all levels. The portal is available to all employees of the University of Konstanz as self-service BI, pursuant to its legal and user concepts.

The analyses and reports in the Controlling Data Portal are based on data that is extracted from various operative systems and then collected, stored, and prepared in the university's data warehouse.