Advice and support on all questions around externally-funded and internal research projects

The Project Administration team supports and advises the University of Konstanz’s scientists and researchers on all matters pertaining to externally-funded as well as internal research projects. The main focus is on financial management and includes all project stages from funding approval through budget management to the settlement of accounts with the funding body.

Our objective is to support our project leaders as efficiently as possible by

- performing administrative tasks (see project schedule)

- providing information on these pages

- offering advice and help with individual questions

Given ever more complex legal requirements, we want to take the administrative load off of our scientists and researchers in order to free up valuable time and resources for research. Working closely with our colleagues from central administration, we strive to provide budget management that is both streamlined and in conformity with the relevant legal regulations, thereby guaranteeing high standards across the University of Konstanz. The University of Konstanz is seen as a dependable partner by our funding bodies, an evaluation that we work hard to justify.

We look forward to receiving your questions, requests and suggestions to help us improve our services even more.